How does shipping work for sellers?

Shipping on Mercari is easy.

You can choose to have Mercari email you a prepaid shipping label “(Mercari label”). Or you can arrange and pay for your own shipping label (“Ship on Your Own”).

The Mercari label is the easiest option preferred by most sellers. There are low, fixed rates for different weight ranges up to 20 lbs. Carrier options include USPS and FedEx SmartPost. When your item is sold, we email the label to you. Simply print and attach it to your package before dropping it off.

You can also choose to Ship on Your Own. You’ll arrange and pay for shipping, directly, with the shipping carrier of your choice. A valid tracking number must be provided. And Mercari is not responsible for lost packages. Ship on your Own is more complicated and is only recommended for our most frequent sellers. Note that Ship on Your Own is required for all shipments over 20lbs.

Tip: If you pay for shipping (whether it’s Ship on Your Own or a Mercari label), we’ll promote your item with Free Shipping.

How to Use a Mercari Label

1. Chose who pays

Tip: Items with shipping included sell faster than items with shipping paid separately.

2. Select the carrier(s) you’re able to ship through

USPS (First Class or Priority) is our fastest option. FedEx SmartPost is our Economy option. It costs less, but can take a little longer.

If you select multiple carrier options, the buyer can choose the one they prefer at checkout.

If you’re not sure where your closest USPS and FedEx locations are, here are some handy links:

USPS     FedEx

3. Select the appropriate weight range

Whenever possible, our app suggests a weight range based on similar items that have shipped in the past.

The USPS Mercari labels for 1 to 20 lbs come with up to $100 insurance. All FedEx SmartPost Mercari labels come with up to $100 insurance if the item was correctly shipped and is in the possession of FedEx.

For shipping tips and best practices, click here.

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