Seller Guidelines

Mercari provides a marketplace to sell your personal items. To ensure delivery of the seller’s merchandise, Mercari provides traceable shipping options with an insurance value up to $100. Once the item is confirmed as delivered, your buyer rates you, and then you rate your buyer to receive payment.

Please follow our Seller Guidelines and remember that all sales are final upon your buyer’s Rating.

  • Listing must be a legal item owned by the seller
  • Selling of the item must not violate any local, state or federal regulations
  • The item must not be on Mercari’s Prohibited Items list
  • If required, the seller must transfer all rights to or remove any restrictions on the merchandise at time of purchase
  • For optimal sales, provide a detailed item description including:
    • Size
    • Brand
    • Condition
    • Proof of authenticity
  • Provide clear photos taken by the seller - must be actual, not stock, photos of the item
  • If you choose a Mercari prepaid USPS shipping label
    • Select the proper weight class and ensure that the package meets USPS dimension requirements
    • The seller is responsible for any USPS shipping overages
  • If you choose to ship it yourself
    • Always provide a valid tracking number
  • Seller must ship the item within 3 days of purchase
  • Mercari must be able to confirm delivery through a valid tracking number
  • Mercari is not responsible for orders sent without valid tracking
  • Sellers must request a Direct Deposit transfer in order to receive their funds

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