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Selling tips

Get paid in no time


Nail that sale

List the right product

We understand that letting go can be tough. But shoppers can benefit from the stuff you just don't use anymore. Last year's headphones? List 'em.

Set a fair price

You want to ensure your item sells. Check out similar sold items before listing. Keep seasonality in mind. You can always drop the price later to offer shoppers a deal.

Give the full picture

The better the photos, the faster the sale. Make sure your photos are clear, well-lit, and show multiple angles.

Get Personal

This is a community, after all. Engage with other users in chat messages, be responsive to questions about your items, and don't be shy about making an offer or counteroffer to a buyer. Don't forget to share with your friends on social and gain Mercari credit.

Top Features

We've built lots of tools to help you become a successful seller. Check them out below.

Chat & Offer

  • You're in control in the Mercari marketplace. We want you to engage with other users to get the best experience.
  • Chat about your items. Providing more info and answering shoppers' questions will speed up your sales.
  • You can also make an offer of a lower price to users who have liked your item. And you'll receive offers as well (respond as soon as possible to seal the deal). [Hint: turn on notifications to receive real time alerts]

Price Drop

  • You drop the price by 5%. We’ll boost your listing in search. (And let your likers know.)
  • You can also Promote to likers only. This gives them an exclusive offer not available to the public.
  • This is a great tactic to try if you've had items listed for a few days that haven't sold. Try it now

Instant pay

  • Get paid in minutes with Instant Pay.
  • Cash out right away when funds are added to your balance. All you need is a valid debit card and a Mercari ID Check

Shipping is easy

  • Once your item sells, we'll email you a printable shipping label (unless you've selected to ship on your own).
  • With the Mercari prepaid label, you save as much as 30% on retail shipping rates. You can ship with either USPS or FedEx.

...Or try Mercari Pack and Ship

  • We'll send you a shipping code to take to a The UPS Store location. The UPS Store Certified Packing Experts will print your label, package your item, and ship it for you.

Get social

  • The more you share, the more successful you'll be.
  • Try sharing your listing on social media. Post about why you want to sell stuff (looking to save for a vacation, maybe?) and use the platforms to share more content. Use #mercari.
  • Check out our Invite A Friend Program and get $10 credit when they purchase their first item.

Still not selling? Try these tricks

Don't get discouraged. If your item has been listed for a while and hasn't sold, we've got you.

Drop your price

  • A high-priced item is usually the reason it isn't selling.
  • Find a balance between making money and giving shoppers a good deal. Anyone who has liked your item will be notified of the price drop. Our data shows dropping the price can make an item 5x more likely to sell.

Fix your pics

  • Shoppers want to see the real deal when they're viewing your item. Try to take photos in natural lighting. Show all angles of the product. If you're selling clothing, show the fit and ask a friend to model. You can always add more. Listings with 8+ photos sell the fastest. You've got this.

Add details

Make sure you've got the following included in your description:

  • A catchy title. 😊
  • Brand. Shoppers search by brand names.
  • Category
  • Condition. Be real here. Include any damages or flaws.
  • The basics: color, size, measurements, model, etc.

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