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Save time and money with Mercari prepaid labels
Your item sold. What’s next?
    • Save big on postage

    • Our prepaid labels are up to 40% off* retail carrier rates for standard and economy rates.
    • Get a prepaid label

    • Straight to your inbox. With tracking on the app and web included.
    • Choose your carrier

    • You have the power to choose which carrier you want to ship with.


More savings. More confidence. Introducing an easier way to ship.

Pick a shipping option

We recommend using the Mercari prepaid label.

Oversized items

Ship on your own

Recommended for experienced sellers with larger items.

You get:
  • To choose any shipping service
  • More pricing options
Recommended for:
  • Items over 50 lbs or 34” in length
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Fragile & bulky items

Mercari Local

Skip the shipping entirely with Local delivery.

You get:
  • Contact-free, same-day pick up and delivery
Recommended for:
  • Fragile and bulky items that require extra care in transit
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Prepaid label

Save up to 40% off retail carrier rates. Straight to your inbox.

You get:
  • A prepaid label emailed to you
  • Mercari Shipping Protection
  • Track your package anytime
  • Reduced postage rates
Recommended for:
  • Items up to 50 lbs and 34” in length
  • The best shipping experience
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The benefits of
prepaid shipping.

Mercari’s prepaid label gives you all the
benefits. Making shipping even easier.
  • Save up to 40%

  • Save with discounts on flat-fee standard and economy shipments.
  • Mercari Shipping Protection

  • Prepaid labels include up to $200 in Shipping Protection for standard, Media Mail and economy shipments.
  • Flat rate shipping

  • We take the guesswork out of shipping with a flat rate for all 50 states.


Don’t forget! You can make changes to a listing up until the item sells.

Skip the label

Use a QR code to ship.


Shipping price examples

Check out sample size and weight options below to see actual shipping costs.
Large - up to 40 Ib.
Package size 45" x 18" x 6"
Medium - up to 5 Ib.
Package size 12" x 10" x 5"
Small - up to 1 Ib.
Package size 7" x 6" x 3"

Mercari prepaid label




Average retail carrier




*Fees and rates are based on a comparison to the retail prices of standard and economy shipments of our carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx) for items between 0.25 lb - 50 lbs. Comparison completed December 18, 2022.

Your item sold.
Now what?

It’s time to ship.
  • 1

    • Package the item with care

    • Package the item with care so it arrives safely. Attach the shipping label with the tracking number.
  • 2

    • Ship within 3 business days

    • Include a tracking number with your shipment if you choose to ship on your own. Ship within 3 days of sale.
  • 3

    • Confirm your shipment

    • We ask sellers to ship the item within 3 business days. If you're experiencing a delay, let the buyer know.


Weigh the item in its packaging. Shipping costs are based on the total size and weight of the package.

Still have questions?

Find more answers in the shipping FAQs.

How does shipping work for sellers?
Prepaid label options
How do FedEx and UPS economy shipping options work?

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