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I'm Lavender Luna, a Pagan artist. I practice solitary ecle ctic paganism and drawn to the Norse pantheon. I wanted to provide a service to the Pagans in our community.  

My husband and I do metaphysical artwork together. I have a passion for making ritual tools. I enjoy the creative process of creating wands, athames, book of shadows, pendulums and boards. For the wands & athames, I carefully correspond matching the wood, the crystal & the runes for each piece of artwork.

Listings with ⛤ in the title are handmade. New listings soon.
Listings with ❤ in the title are Manga/ Anime dvd bundles.
Listings with ✨ in the title are bundle kits.

I can do bundles, just ask before buying multiple items.

The prices on my listings include shipping and handling. Guarantee shipping on Mon-Fri, excluding holidays. No holds and FCFS. Most of my prices are firm. Like my listings or follow me. Please leave feedback after you receive your item and thank you. Lavender Luna's Cauldron
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