A guide for selling your old gadgets on Mercari.

Did you know $33B worth of unused technology sits in our homes? That’s a lot of wasted value.

September kicked off new tech season, with companies announcing their latest and greatest products. People everywhere are upgrading to the newest, shiniest devices, leaving their old ones by the wayside. And what does that mean?

More old devices in drawers collecting dust, instead of cash. Mercari is the place to sell those gadgets instead of stashing them.

We pulled some data around this hidden value of old tech. How much money do you have stashed away in closets and sock drawers? Let’s find out.

  • The most popular selling iPhone on Mercari is the iPhone 6. It sells for an average of $200.
  • iPhone X is selling on Mercari for an average of $700.
  • iPhone 7 is selling on Mercari for an average of $245 (pssst...which is 55% of the current retail price).
  • The average iPhone sells Mercari within one week of listing. Over 40,000 iPhones have been sold on Mercari over the past 2.5 years.

The best time to sell your electronics? As soon as you stop using them. Every year the value of an older model decreases - so the sooner you sell, the more you will earn. For example, the selling price for an iPhone 7 now is roughly equivalent to the selling price of an iPhone 6S at this time last year.

Mercari makes it fast and easy to sell almost anything. You take a few pics, add a description, set a price - and boom - your item is listed. Once it sells, we email you a prepaid shipping label and you just print and ship. It’s that easy.

So, don’t throw $700 in the junk drawer. List your old gadgets on Mercari. Sell ‘em, ship ‘em and get paid instead. Download in the App Store, Google Play Store or visit Mercari.com

And if you’re looking for an upgrade but don’t want to shell out for the new release, we’ve got you covered. With a huge range of year-old technology at up to 70% off, retail prices, you never know what kind of deal you’ll find on the new iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Nintendo Switch.


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