Making selling shipping even easier

At Mercari, our mission is simple: to make selling easier than buying.

Since shipping is a key part of selling, we’ve been working hard to make shipping super easy, even if it's your first time.

Easy shipping for everyone

Back in 2014, we introduced our popular pre-paid shipping option: sellers receive a flat rate, printable shipping label via email when their item sells. Everything ships for one fixed price to buyers in all 50 states. No more guesswork about shipping costs. Print the label and ship. Easy.

Over the past year, we introduced further improvements. We expanded our offerings with FedEx, added heavier weight classes and reduced delivery times.

We heard from sellers that these improvements have made shipping a lot better. But we also heard that packing and shipping heavier, bulkier, or more fragile items is a challenge.

Introducing Mercari Pack and Ship

We know there are plenty of things around that house that can be difficult to pack. A stroller, floor lamps, a guitar… things that are big, bulky, or fragile and don’t fit neatly in a typical box. And can use a little extra care in packing.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an expert to take care of the packing and shipping of these things?

Today we’re excited to launch Mercari Pack and Ship, a packaging service offered through The UPS Store. Using Pack and Ship, The UPS Store Certified Packing Experts® will print your label, package your item and ship it for you.

How it works

1. Beginning today, you can select the Pack and Ship shipping option when listing an item for sale. Make sure you’re using the most recent version of the Mercari app to access this new feature.

2. For items weighing up to 10 pounds, the cost is $20 for Mercari Pack and Ship. The shipping cost increases with item weight, with the maximum cost of $160 for an item that weighs up to 150 lbs.

3. When the item sells, take it to The UPS Store location nearest to you. Show them the instructions with the scannable code you received via email or in app, and the experts will take care of the rest. No need to print a shipping label or package your item.

Convenient options

Just like our prepaid shipping option through FedEx, you can use Pack and Ship to send items that weigh up to 150 lbs and up to 165 inches in combined length and girth.

Since four out of five Americans live within a 10 minute drive of a UPS store, we’re confident that Pack and Ship will make selling and shipping more convenient for almost everyone.

So go out, give it a try, and let us know how it goes. We’re here to help with any questions you might have.

And in the meantime, we’ll continue to work hard to make selling easier than buying. Stay tuned for more improvements. You’ll be the first to know.

Happy shipping!
Team Mercari

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