Payment Processing Fee

Effective November 1, 2022, Mercari will implement a 2.9% + $0.50 payment processing fee for sellers on all completed transactions, based on the sold price.

What’s a payment processing fee?

Processing fees are charged by payment service providers to securely process and complete financial transactions. These fees can range depending on the type of: (1) transaction and (2) payment method used.

Payment processing is usually arranged and contracted between a seller and the service provider directly. Mercari handles the processing and collects a consistent fee once each transaction is completed.

It is important to us that our sellers have competitive and transparent pricing so all users know exactly what fees are being applied.

As always, there are no listing, monthly, or hidden fees. All cards and payment methods will be charged the same payment processing fee, including American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Apple Pay, and PayPal. The processing fee is also applied when the buyer uses Mercari credit or their balance.

When does a seller pay the fee?

The seller will pay a processing fee once the transaction is complete. It will be deducted from the seller’s earnings as the “processing fee” along with the 10% selling fee. If a transaction is cancelled or an item is returned, currently the seller does not pay a processing fee.

Example for item priced at $100

How are payment processing fees applied?

A processing fee is applied based on the item’s sold price. The processing fee doesn’t apply to separately stated taxes or shipping charges. If a seller creates a listing with multiple items, the payment processing fee is applied to the total amount of all the items sold.

The buyer isn’t impacted by the payment processing fee.

The payment processing fee is only required on completed transactions. It doesn’t apply to cancelled orders or listing an item.

We charge a payment processing fee for all sold items. The processing fee is charged once the transaction is complete.

What happens to my transactions that are in process when the updated payment processing fee is implemented?

Any transaction that is already in process before the payment processing fee update is implemented will be completed with the existing payment processing fee. All payment processing fees will be updated automatically and there is no need to update any of your listings.

Will I be charged other fees?

Mercari charges fees for other services we provide. To review other fees please check out our Fees on Mercari.

Please review our updated Terms of Service for more information.

Updated 11/15/2022
Updated 09/23/2022

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