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Seller Guidelines

Marketplace safety is our top priority. But we can’t do it alone. As you list, you’ll be asked to provide a credit or debit card to validate your information. We will only authorize the card. Your information will not be shared.

To keep your peace of mind with shipments, $200 Shipping Protection is included with every Mercari prepaid label.

When the item is confirmed delivered, the buyer rates you. Then, you rate the buyer to get paid.

By following the Seller Guidelines, you help keep Mercari safe for buyers and sellers alike. Keep in mind that all sales are final once the buyer rates the seller.

  • Listing must be a legal item owned by the seller
  • Selling of the item must not violate any local, state or federal regulations
  • The item must not be on Mercari’s Prohibited Items list
  • If required, the seller must transfer all rights to or remove any restrictions on the merchandise at the time of purchase
  • The buyer wants to know what they’re getting. Provide them with all the details. This will also optimize sales. Include when necessary:
    • Size
    • Brand
    • Condition and describe any imperfections or damage
    • Proof of authenticity
    • Quantity
  • Provide clear photos taken by you
    • Please do not use stock photos lifted from websites
    • If there are any imperfections, please make sure to include a clear photo to avoid a return request
    • If you’re listing more than one item, you must provide a clear image of each item
  • If you choose a Mercari prepaid shipping label
    • Items must be packed properly to ensure safe delivery, see Mercari Packing Guidelines
    • Select the proper weight class and ensure that the package meets dimension requirements where the longest side cannot exceed 60”
    • The seller is responsible for any shipping overages
    • Do not ship any hazardous material using a Mercari prepaid label
  • If you choose to ship it yourself
    • Always provide a valid tracking number
  • Seller must ship the item within 3 business days of purchase
  • Mercari must be able to confirm delivery through a valid tracking number
    If we can’t confirm receipt then its not eligible for Shipping or Seller Protection

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