Media Mail

What is Media Mail?

USPS Media Mail is a cost-effective shipping method for educational materials, including books, sound and video recordings, printed music, and movies. Mercari now offers prepaid shipping labels for Media Mail in select categories.

Media Mail offers affordable shipping rates for movies, music or books.

What items qualify for Media Mail?

Eligible categories

Media Mail rates are strictly available for the following categories:

  • Books (8 pages or more)

  • Movies - DVDs, VHS, Blu-Ray

  • Printed and recorded Music - CDs, cassette tapes, vinyl records,and sheet music

Prohibited categories

The following categories are prohibited from Media Mail rates:

  • Comic books, magazines and newspapers

  • Video games

  • Address books, blank notebooks, notepads or 3-ring binders

  • Digital media saved to USB and flash drives

  • Any media material containing advertising

How much does Media Mail cost?

Mercari prepaid label rates for USPS Media Mail are available for items weighing up to 20 lbs. Mercari’s Media Mail rates may be higher than posted retail rates as they include Shipping Protection up to $200. The below chart includes examples of Mercari’s Media Mail rates:

Read more about shipping rates and fees on Mercari here.

Media Mail for sellers

How to create a listing with Media Mail

  1. Create a listing: Complete your listing as usual, but ensure that you’ve selected a Media Mail eligible category so that USPS Media Mail will appear as a shipping option.

  2. Enter weight: Under the delivery section in your listing, enter your your item’s full weight and dimensions with packaging

  3. Select Carrier service “USPS Media Mail”: A Media Mail rate will appear if your item is in an eligible Media category. Note: It is the seller’s responsibility to ensure that the listed item is eligible for Media Mail rates per the USPS Media Mail guidelines. USPS may open your package to verify Media Mail rate eligibility.

Download the latest version of the Mercari app to try it out (iOS or Android ).

What media categories and subcategories qualify for Media Mail rates?


  • Books > Nonfiction Books
  • Books > Reference Books
  • Books > Fiction Books
  • Vintage & collectibles > Antique
  • Vintage & collectibles > Fiction Books
  • Vintage & collectibles > Nonfiction Books
  • Handmade > Books and zines
  • Other > Other Books
  • Movies

  • Electronics > Media >Blu-ray
  • Electronics > Media > DVD
  • Electronics > Media > VHS
  • Electronics > Media >Other
  • Music

  • Handmade > Music >Vinyl
  • Handmade > Music > Tape
  • Electronics > Media > CD
  • Packaging an eligible item for Media Mail

    When packing an eligible item for media mail, only envelopes and boxes up to 20 pounds and packages that measure up to 108 inches in combined length plus distance around the thickest part are permitted. Make sure all external markings and advertisements are removed, and that your item(s) are in supported categories.

    USPS is strict about what qualifies for Media Mail. Only include the item you’ve sold in the media listing and don’t include any advertising or prohibited items. Sellers are responsible for overage fees and fines associated with improper use of Media Mail (prohibited contents, incorrect weight).

    Subject to inspection

    All Media Mail packages are subject to inspection by USPS. Postal workers may open and check your package to make sure your item qualifies for Media Mail. Make it easy to open, inspect and repack to help keep your item safe.

    No printer, no problem!

    Mercari Media Mail prepaid labels offer a print-free label option. Just take the QR code on your confirmation email to a USPS counter and a clerk will scan your code and print a label for you. Learn how to ship with a QR code.

    Shipping Protection

    Shipping Protection is included with all Mercari prepaid labels, and covers up to $200 for Media Mail. Shipping Protection will not apply if used for items prohibited from Media Mail postage.

    Media Mail for buyers

    How to purchase an eligible item with Media Mail

    1. Shop for media in select categories: Media Mail is only available for books, movies and music.

    2. Look for Media Mail: During checkout, see that Media Mail is offered.

    3. Complete checkout: You're done! Your item will arrive in 2-8 days with tracking as usual.

    If a seller doesn’t offer Media Mail yet, send them a message and ask if they will switch their shipping offering to Mercari’s prepaid label for USPS Media Mail.

    Finding items that qualify for Media Mail

    Eligible items listed with Media Mail will help you save on shipping compared to standard First Class rates.

    Items eligible for Media Mail: Books, movies (DVD, Blu-Ray, VHS), music (CDs, cassettes, vinyl records)

    🚫 Items prohibited from Media Mail: Comic books, magazines, video games, newspapers, digital media saved to USB and flash drives, blank notebooks, notepads, 3-ring binders, address books, or any media material containing advertising

    Understanding transit time and tracking

    Once the seller has shipped your item, Media Mail takes 2-8 days in transit. You’ll see tracking as usual within your order detail page.

    Bundling media Items

    How bundles work with Media Mail items

    Media items that are eligible for media mail shipping can be purchased and shipped via media mail. Mercari will automatically apply the media mail rate based on the eligible bundled items.

    • 2 to 10 Media Mail eligible items can be included in a bundle and shipping will default to a Media Mail rate

    • 1 or more media item(s) with a non-media item will not qualify for Media Mail and will default to a standard shipping rate

    Learn more about bundles on Mercari

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