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Updated 21 days ago

Warhammer Fantasy Oldhammer High Elves



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Complete High Elf Army. These models are mostly from the Marauder line. Everything here is from Warhammer 3rd edition and prior. As far as I can see Models are from 1989 and older. Everything is Games Workshop/Citadel metal alloy except where noted. 15 silver Helms (several broken and missing Spears/spear tips. Can include modern elf replacements) 20 warriors with halberd and shield  20 warriors with sword and shield ( couple broken swords. Can include modern elf replacements)  25 elf militia including 10 spearmen plus militia leader  10 archers 16 archers from Marauder wood elf line: Half are metal half plastic. Plastic minis mounted on coins 9 spearmen +1 sword champion(champion from wood elf line)couple broken spear tips 1 hero/champion/general with sword from Marauder adventurers line. 1 spearman/mage broken speartip The majority of these minis are in fantastic shape though a handful do have broken spear tips, swords or hands.

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Zachary Wacker

Overall really good, but some items arrived broken. Warhammer minis are somewhat fragile by nature, so not all of it could have been avoided, but i think extra bubble wrap along the bottom and sides of the box mightve helped some. Nothing else to complain about, so thanks much

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