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Updated 3 days ago

Painted Necron Warhammer 40k army



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Painted Necron Army I acquired. I don't play a lot of 40k, but happy to answer questions as best as I can. Everything is painted to a tabletop quality except for Anrakyr who is primed. A few notes: The Doomsday Ark, Tomb blades, Doom sycthe and Command Barge are all missing standees and bases. The Command Barge is missing several pieces and I think the lord was removed to be separate Most of the warriors are on 28mm bases, as are 6 immortals, 5 lychhuard, and the flayed one. Should be easy to remove, but please check the pictures if you're concerned tomb blades 6 necron lychguard 10 necron immortals 12 deathmarks 10 necron warriors 61 scarabs 5 Flayed Ones 10 Nemesor Zahndrekh 1 Imotekh the Stormlord 1 Orikan the Diviner 1 Anrakyr the Traveller 1 Vargard Obyron 1 Cryptek 1 Doom Scythe 1 Doomsday Ark 1 Catacomb Command Barge 1

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Zachary Wacker

Overall really good, but some items arrived broken. Warhammer minis are somewhat fragile by nature, so not all of it could have been avoided, but i think extra bubble wrap along the bottom and sides of the box mightve helped some. Nothing else to complain about, so thanks much

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