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The easy way to buy and sell items locally
without the meetup.

Local selling reimagined

Skip the meetup

A driver will pick up and drop off your item, contact-free. No need to share your address with the buyer.

Save time

No need to coordinate with strangers. Pick the time that works for you.

Worry-free payment

Get paid securely in the app — no need to exchange cash.

Hassle-free local selling

Mercari Local

Fits your schedule, easy pickup, secure payment.


Choose pickup time

Get paid

Time saved

Local meetup

Coordination headaches, in-person meetups.


Coordinate with potential buyers

Travel, meet up, exchange cash

How it works

1. List it with Mercari Local

Take a few photos, name your price, select Mercari Local as the delivery option, and tap “List”.

How much does it cost?

2. Schedule the pickup

Once your item sells, we’ll ask for your availability.

3. Place item for pickup

The driver will pick up the item at your chosen time.

4. Get paid

You get paid as soon as the buyer rates the transaction.

See how easy selling
locally can be

Need some ideas?

Try checking your closet or garage for items like these.

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New York
Los Angeles
Las Vegas
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What our users are saying

Our sellers have made over $1 billion in sales on Mercari

Amazing service!

Needed a last minute gift for our kids. Didn’t just make my day, but their day too.

Super easy.

I didn’t need time to print the label, package, and go to the post office. A lot of energy was saved.

Fast alerts.

Really quick with payment and scheduling delivery from Uber. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

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