Prohibited Conduct

The following is a list of actions Mercari restricts users from participating in:


  • Encouraging payments outside of Mercari
  • Proposing or completing a transaction in person
  • Proposing a trade, exchange, partial exchange, or swap
  • Two members reducing the price of their own items and purchasing from each other
  • Requiring or encouraging a direct transfer of a product
  • Shipping internationally
  • Shipping directly from a manufacturer
  • Proposing payment for all or part of the item on delivery
  • Returns unauthorized by Mercari
  • Asking a Buyer to rate a transaction before the item is received
  • Using Mercari for the purpose of money laundering
  • Using Mercari to buy and sell from yourself, or to send funds to yourself


  • Having multiple Mercari accounts
  • Creating a new account after being permanently banned
  • Creating a new account to bypass restrictions on another account
  • Earning Mercari Credits through multiple accounts


  • Listing a Prohibited Item
  • Creating multiple listings of the same item
  • Excessive reposting of previously listed items
  • Listing an item that is not actually for sale
  • Listing items without the intent to sell
  • Listing items with the intent to sell to certain users only
  • Using a stock or advertisement photo as the only image
  • Using photos that you do not own or have taken yourself
  • Using another member's photos or words without their consent
  • Listing an excessive amount of search keywords
  • Setting unrelated categories
  • Setting a false brand
  • Listings that do not specify size, color, quantity, etc.
  • Listings that require users to specify size, color, quantity, etc.
  • Listing in auction, raffle, or giveaway format
  • Listing free items for purchase
  • Promoting or advertising the use of Mercari Credits
  • Listing another user’s personal information in a manner other than specified by Mercari
  • Listing a single product with the purchase price divided into multiple parts


  • Soliciting users to an external website
  • Soliciting transactions to an external website
  • Soliciting users to provide personal information
  • Soliciting other users to list Prohibited Items or engage in Prohibited Conduct


  • Threats
  • Slander
  • Trolling
  • Indecent behavior
  • Spamming
  • Copyright infringement
  • Posting false information
  • Abuse of the invite credits system by offering independent rewards for users signing up
  • Actions for the intentions of dating

Do not hesitate to contact Mercari if you come across or are solicited for such actions.