Why was my account limited or closed?

There are a number of activities which may result in a limitation on your account or cause an account closure, including:

Questionable Activity

If we suspect someone is using your account without your knowledge, if transaction activity is unusual or if your debit or credit card issuer alerts us that something is wrong, it indicates potential fraud or identity theft. We’ll limit your account to protect your money while we investigate.

High-Risk Behavior

If you have an unusually high number of order cancellations, or if Mercari receives high volumes of returns and/or chargebacks from people who purchase from you, it indicates poor seller behavior or potential fraud. We’ll limit your account to protect potential buyers while we review the behavior and account information.

Prohibited Conduct and Prohibited Transactions

If your account is flagged for selling Prohibited Items or engaging in Prohibited Conduct it indicates that your account may be in violation of our Terms of Service, pose a danger to yourself or others, or Mercari may have a legal obligation to take action. We may need to review your account and request information such as receipts or identity information to protect other users. We’ll limit your account to ensure Mercari can comply with our obligations and to protect our users.

Account Verifications

In some cases, Mercari is required as a money service business to verify your identity. This is typically triggered on transaction activity and product limits. This requires that we verify your identity or collect tax information. We need to do this to comply with our legal obligations.

To maintain a safe marketplace for everyone, if we do not receive information, or if the behavior is too risky or repetitive we may close your account.

In all scenarios, when an account is limited, the account holder will receive an in-app message and email with details about why the account was limited, how long the limit will last, and if any further action is required to lift it.

If you have any questions or feel that your account was limited or closed in error, please let us know.

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