Hazardous Materials

Can I sell and ship items that are considered hazardous materials on Mercari?

Mercari does not allow pose a safety hazard to be sold on our platform. Please see our Prohibited Items Policy. However, there are some items on our platform that have been classified as hazardous materials by some shipping carriers and that must be labeled as such in order to be shipped.

Using a Mercari prepaid label to ship hazardous materials is prohibited with few exceptions. Please see guidance on permitted and restricted materials prior to shipping.

What items that have been classified as hazardous materials by the USPS are permitted for shipment with appropriate labeling?

Hazardous material permitted for shipment

  • Lithium batteries
  • Aerosols or pressurized containers
  • Flammable liquids

  • Please check with the USPS for a comprehensive list of materials that have been categorized as hazardous materials.

    Per the USPS ruling effective July 9, 2023, all shipments containing hazardous material must be shipped via USPS Ground Advantage™ (formerly First-Class). Hazardous materials shipped via USPS Priority Mail service must be declared with appropriate hazardous material labeling (Hazmat - Surface Transportation only) so it can be properly separated for USPS Ground Advantage™ (ground or boat).

    What are examples of items classified as hazardous materials by the USPS?

    • Lithium batteries
      • Cell phones
      • Rechargeable electric toothbrushes
    • Aerosols or pressurized containers
      • Hairspray
      • Hair mousse
      • Dry shampoo
    • Flammable liquids
      • Hairspray
      • Nail polish
      • Perfume
      • Antiseptics

    Please note that these are examples and not an exhaustive list of all materials that have been classified as hazardous by the USPS.

    What do I need to do if I sell an item that is considered hazardous material?

    If you plan to ship an item with a Mercari prepaid label, be sure to correctly categorize your listings to ensure that your label has the correct hazardous material labeling. If you’re using a Mercari prepaid label for USPS Priority Mail, your label will include a Hazmat marking and default to Ground Advantage™.

    If shipping on your own, be sure to indicate that your item is classified as hazardous material when purchasing your label. See USPS Hazardous Materials Classification to determine if your item is considered a hazardous material for shipping.

    What are the shipment requirements for items classified as hazardous materials by carriers?

    All USPS packages containing lithium batteries, aerosols, pressurized containers or flammable liquids must be shipped via USPS Ground Advantage™ (formerly First-Class).

    What are the recommended shipping services for items classified as hazardous materials by carriers?

    All items classified as hazardous material by carriers must ship via surface transportation for safety reasons. Please select USPS Ground Advantage™ (formerly First-Class), FedEx Ground Economy, UPS SurePost or USPS when shipping items classified as hazardous materials by carriers.

    Note: For electronic devices, aerosols, pressurized containers and flammable liquids shipped with USPS Priority mail service, USPS will automatically default your shipment to Ground Advantage™ (formerly First-Class) to ensure safe surface transportation. Estimated transit times may be impacted. Refunds will not be issued if a faster shipping option was initially selected.

    What is the transit time for hazardous materials?

    USPS shipments containing hazardous materials will automatically be defaulted to surface transportation methods that are subject to increased transit times. See below for additional transit time by shipment origin and/or destination:
    • Lower 48 states
      • Ground transportation
      • Up to 5 additional days
    • Hawaii, Alaska
      • Boat transportation
      • Up to 30 additional days

    Prohibited hazardous materials

    What hazardous materials are prohibited from Mercari prepaid label use?
    Materials that contain liquids such as perfumes may require special packaging by the carriers. Flammable or combustible liquids (with some exceptions like perfume and nail polish) and any other items that require special mailing or handling instructions are not eligible for Mercari prepaid labels and must be sent using the ship on your own option. Please review the shipping carriers guidelines and instructions to determine appropriate packaging such as using additional padded poly bags or "jiffy" envelopes and to determine if the carriers will ship the item.

    See carrier websites for more information:
  • UPS Hazardous Materials Resource Center
  • USPS Hazardous Materials Classification
  • FedEx Hazardous Materials Service Guidelines

  • What hazardous materials are prohibited on Mercari?
    Mercari does not allow items that may pose a safety hazard to be sold on our platform. Please see our full list of Prohibited Items.

    Penalties for shipping hazardous materials
    Shipping hazardous materials with Mercari prepaid labels will result in ineligibility for Shipping Protection and the seller will be solely responsible for damage or loss. Users that inaccurately label and ship hazardous materials are also subject to additional shipping costs and penalties by the respective carrier. This includes incorrectly labeling an item as hazardous - be sure to completely remove all old labels and stickers when reusing a box.
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