Seller Badges

We love our Mercari sellers. That’s why we created Seller Badges.

It’s a way to showcase our hardworking and neighborly sellers. We’re proud of you and want buyers to know it, too.

At Mercari, you don’t need to be a power seller to be successful. We want our everyday sellers to be able to make some extra cash, too. (And have fun while doing it.)

As soon as you make your first sale, we track your progress. This is how we determine which badges will show up on your profile.

You earn your “Member since” badge as soon as you sign up. The other 3 badges can be earned and lost.

This badge shows other users how long you’ve been on Mercari.

Earn this badge by shipping off items within 24 hours, not including weekends or holidays. This badge is earned based on carriers' tracking scan not based on the timing you click "Confirm shipment".

The less cancellations the better. Earn your Reliable badge by completing your orders as promised

Become a fast responder by answering chats from shoppers in an average of 12 hours.

Note: this only takes transactional messages into consideration

Set a goal and make it happen. Earn up to 3 arrows in your Go-getter badge.

To our sellers: Keep up the good work! You currently can’t view Seller Badges on

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