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Seller Badges

We want Mercari to be great for both buyers and sellers. The marketplace works best when sellers ship quickly, deliver their items as promised, and respond promptly to queries.

Seller Badges recognize sellers who are responsive and reliable. Sellers who play an essential role in building a thriving marketplace.

At Mercari, you do not need to be a power seller with hundreds (or thousands) of reviews to be recognized. You just need to be reliable and responsive. Your progress is tracked as soon as you make your first sale.

Once you earn the “Member Since” badge, it’s yours to keep. But the other 3 badges can be earned and lost. Here’s how they work:

Simply register with Mercari. It recognizes how long you’ve been a user.

Ship items within 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.

Good sellers deliver items as promised. Avoid cancellations initiated by you or related to you.

Answer questions from potential buyers within an average of 12 hours.

Once you earn all 4 badges, keep up the good work. Lost a badge? Earn it back by being reliable and responsive.

For now, users won’t be able to view badges on the web.

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