Why did I receive a purchase error message?

Debit/credit card was rejected

You might not have enough balance in your account, the information you provided might be incorrect or incomplete, or your bank might be blocking the transaction.

Double-check your balance and make sure that the cardholder name, billing address, zip code and card security code* you entered are accurate. If that all checks out, contact your bank to confirm the purchase or try using PayPal or a different card. Still having issues? Contact us below.

* The card security code (CVV) is located on the back of MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB cards, and is located on the front of American Express.

Gift/prepaid card was rejected

You might not have enough balance on your card, or the billing information you entered might not match the card.

If you already double-checked your balance, register your card with the issuing bank to make sure your billing addresses match. There should be a web address or phone number on the back of the card to direct you.

PayPal payment was rejected

The email address you use for Mercari might not be registered with PayPal, you might have entered an incorrect PayPal password, you might not have enough balance/credit in your PayPal–linked payment accounts, or PayPal might be blocking the transaction.

If you already double-checked your email address, password and balance/credit limit, please contact PayPal directly.

Flagged for multiple accounts

Your credit card, bank account or address is linked to multiple Mercari accounts, which violates our risk policy.

Please note:

  • Mercari accounts are limited to one per person.
  • Mercari accounts are limited to one per address.
  • Each Mercari account must have unique payment information.
  • The name associated with the payment information must match the name on the Mercari account. Family members may not share methods of payment.

If you forgot your login for one account and created a second one, please contact us below with the email addresses for both accounts. We’ll help you consolidate them.

If you let a family member use your account and it’s temporarily suspended, please contact us below to validate accounts for each family member.

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