Sales Tax for Sellers

Most US states have enacted marketplace facilitator tax laws that impact online marketplaces such as Mercari. These laws shift tax collection responsibilities from third party sellers to the marketplace facilitating such transactions. As a result, Mercari calculates, collects, reports, and remits applicable sales tax on behalf of our third-party sellers under Mercari’s registered sales tax identification numbers.

Additional Information for Sellers

  • Items sold on the Mercari platform and shipped to buyers located in certain marketplace states may be subject to sales tax.
  • Depending on the state, separately stated shipping charges using Mercari shipping labels may be subject to sales tax.
  • Whether sales tax will be added to the buyer’s order and at what rate depends on the nature of the item purchased and the shipment delivery address.
  • The tax rate applied to your order will be the combined state and any applicable county, city, or other local taxes based on the delivery address.
  • Mercari will automatically calculate, collect, and remit any applicable sales taxes to the state taxing authorities on behalf of our sellers.
  • There is no action required on the part of our sellers to remit the sales tax. Any applicable sales tax will be added to the buyer’s order as a separate charge in addition to the item price and shipping charges (unless you choose to pay for shipping).
  • There are no additional charges or fees associated with the collection and remittance of sales tax by Mercari.
  • Sellers cannot opt-out of Mercari’s sales tax collection when it is required by state, county, city, or other local law.

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