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What is Mercari Now?

Mercari Now ™ connects buyers and sellers within the same neighborhood.

Our trusted delivery provider Postmates and FedEx SameDay® City will pick up and deliver items contact-free between buyers and sellers.

Mercari Now is introducing a completely new way to sell. It’s perfect for items that are too expensive to ship. Plus, the day the item sells is the day we pick it up.

There’s no need to have a car or make a visit to the post office. You can also make money faster since the item’s delivered the day it’s sold.

Just list an item in the Mercari app and you’ll have the option to select home pickup with Mercari Now. Once your item sells, we’ll match your availability with the buyer’s.

Get your item ready for pickup by putting it in a bag and sealing it up (if possible). If it’s fragile, package it with care.

How to list with Mercari Now

  1. Make sure your default address is in one of our Mercari Now cities
  2. Select Mercari Now as a delivery option

You can also opt-in all of your listings at once on your listings page. We’ll let you know if you have existing listings that would be cheaper to deliver with Mercari Now compared to standard shipping.

What to list with Mercari Now?

Items listed with Mercari Now must weigh less than 50 lbs and fit into the trunk of a Prius (45" x 35" x 15") if you’re selling in San Francisco.

For sellers in the NYC area, we’ll ask you to note whether your item is small, medium, or large. For small and medium items, Postmates will use a walker, biker, or someone on a scooter. For large items, Postmates will send a driver to get your item. It’s perfect for bulky items that are too expensive to ship.

  • A small item can be carried in one hand
  • A medium item would require a tote bag to carry
  • A large item would need two hands to carry, like a computer monitor

Mercari Now is perfect for these items:

  • Small household furniture, from bedside tables to lamps
  • Fitness gear like weights and workout bands
  • Baby stuff. This can include carriers, strollers, high chairs, and baby gates
  • Family games and outdoor activities like jigsaw puzzles, video game consoles, kids’ bikes, and small BBQs
  • Kitchenware can be bulky and heavy. List mixers, bread making machines, and baking ware
  • Home office supplies such as monitors, standing desks, and chairs

What can’t be delivered with Mercari Now:

  • Large furniture like couches, bed frames, and mattresses
  • Large appliances such as refrigerators
  • Outdoor gear that wouldn’t fit securely in a Prius trunk

Where can buyers find these items?

If your home address in “My Addresses” is located in one of the Mercari Now ™ cities, you’ll find Same-Day items in your search results. You can also search for Same-Day through the buyer home page.
Note: Mercari Now is currently available in San Francisco (excluding Treasure Island), Houston, and New York City.

How does Mercari Now work for buyers?

Buyers can purchase bulkier items (up to 50 lbs) or home essentials and have them delivered within hours via Same-Day Delivery for one low price.

When you purchase a Same-Day eligible item, we’ll ask you to fill out your availability so that we can schedule the item’s pickup and drop-off with Postmates or FedEx SameDay® City by 8:00 PM local time. All deliveries will be contactless and we recommend that someone is home to receive the item. Delivery cost is based on distance and ranges from $7.99 to $39.99.

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