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What is Same-Day delivery?

Mercari Now ™ connects buyers and sellers within the same neighborhood. We partner with Postmates to deliver the item to your doorstep within hours.

When you buy an item with Same-Day Delivery, we ask you to fill out your availability so we can schedule the item’s contact-free pickup and drop-off. We’ll match your schedule with the seller’s.

We currently offer Same-Day Delivery in San Francisco (excluding Treasure Island), Houston and New York City. Same-Day Delivery is offered in my city. How do I shop these items?

If your home address in “My Addresses” is in one of our Mercari Now cities, you’ll see Same-Day items in your search results.

Shop Same-Day exclusive listings from your home page or through the search filter.

Is the seller in your neighborhood but they aren’t offering Mercari Now? Tap “Ask the seller” on the item’s listing page to request Same-Day Delivery.

Mercari includes $200 Shipping Protection with every Mercari Now order. If your item is lost in transit or if the buyer files a return for “damaged in transit”, Mercari’s Shipping Protection has you covered.

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