What are Authenticate fees and certificates?

With Mercari Authenticate™ you can show shoppers your item has been reviewed by Real Authentication, our third party team checking items for authenticity. All you have to do is take some photos and submit them in the app.

We charge a flat $5 for each designer item you submit for authentication. You can pay $10 for your very own certificate of authenticity. Jewelry and watches are not eligible for a certificate.

Why should I get the digital certificate?

The certificate shows that the item has been evaluated by an independent third-party and meets Real Authentication’s standards of authenticity. This helps reduce the risk of purchasing or selling a counterfeit item and helps with resale value. Not all categories are eligible for a certificate. If your item is eligible, your digital certificate will be emailed to you once your item has been reviewed. Jewelry and watches are not eligible for a certificate.

How do I buy it?

You have the option to purchase your item’s certificate after you submit the photos in the app.

Where do I find my certificate?

We’ll send you an email with the certificate. You can also find it on your item’s listing page.

You can find the QR code through your email by opening “View certificate.” When you scan the QR code on your phone, you’ll find the certificate, which includes the item’s submitted information.

Can I get a refund?

Depending on our team’s decision, you may be eligible for a refund.

  • If Real Authentication is unable to determine whether your item is authentic, you’ll be refunded your full payment ($5 or $15).
  • If Real Authentication decides that a submitted item is not authentic, you’ll be refunded the $5 service fee and $10 certificate charge the first time this happens. After the first instance, only the $10 certificate charge can be refunded.

Note: Refunds take around 5-10 business days to appear back on your original form of payment.

When do I get charged?

After you submit your photos, you'll be asked to enter your payment card info. You’ll be charged at this time. As soon as your item is reviewed, your listing will go live. At that point, refunds are not available.

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