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UPDATE: On November 21, 2023, the Internal Revenue Service announced a delay for the implementation of the $600 gross sales 1099-K reporting threshold for online marketplaces, which was set to take effect for the 2023 tax year (2024 tax filing season). Therefore, for the 2023 tax year the IRS requires that we issue 1099-Ks for sellers with over $20,000 in completed gross sales AND over 200 transactions on any third-party marketplace. For the 2024 tax year (2025 tax filing season), the 1099-K reporting threshold has not been finalized, but the IRS announced that it is planning for a $5,000 threshold to phase in implementation of the $600 gross sales 1099-K reporting law.

Marketplaces like Mercari are required to collect W-9 identification information from sellers who meet or exceed the 1099-K gross sales reporting threshold. We may require your W-9 information before you reach the 1099-K reporting gross sales threshold to ensure your information is verified for timely and accurate filing of Form 1099-K with the Internal Revenue Service and state taxing authorities.

To input your W-9 information, login to your Mercari account, click on account Settings > Tax Center.

From the Tax Center, you can input and submit your W-9 information for the first time or update your W-9 information at any time. Given the January 31 IRS reporting deadline, you have until January 7 of the next year to update your W-9 information for the preceding calendar year. However, your change must be processed and accepted by Mercari on or before January 7 of the next year for it to apply to the preceding calendar year. After that point, your changes, once accepted by Mercari, will be reflected in the following calendar year.

To review your total gross sales, log in to and go to Account > Seller Dashboard > Sales Report. Gross sales includes the sold item’s price, buyer paid shipping, buyer paid merchant fees, and applicable sales tax and does not take into account deductions for refunds, canceled transactions, etc.

If you receive a 1099-K form, you should keep a copy of the 1099-K form with your tax records. Your 1099-K from Mercari, if applicable, will also be available for your download within the Tax Center by January 31, for the preceding calendar year. This Form 1099-K should be considered at tax time as you may need this information for tax reporting purposes. We recommend that if you have questions about any tax reporting requirements, you should consult with your tax advisor, accountant or visit

For more information, view our Privacy Policy, W-9 Requirements for Sellers, W-9 Related FAQs, 1099-K Related FAQs, and Helpful Income Tax Information for Sellers.

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