How do I use the Vacation feature?

Why use vacation mode?

Vacation mode lets you travel or take a short break from selling without worrying about new orders. 

Your listings will be hidden for the time range you set. While they’re hidden, these items can’t be purchased. 

Setting your vacation

Follow these steps to set a vacation for your account:

  1. Login at and go to Account Settings

  2. Select Vacation

  3. Switch to On

  4. Set a start and end date

  5. Tap Save to confirm the vacation

All your active listings will be automatically hidden on your vacation’s start date. All these hidden listings will reappear the day after vacation’s end date.

You can set a vacation for up to 30 days at a time. The dates can be adjusted later if needed.

Ending your vacation early

If you’re ready to start selling again sooner than you expected, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Account Settings

  2. Select Vacation

  3. Switch to Off

Items hidden by vacation mode will then appear for sale again.

Note: If you deactivated items separate from vacation mode, those items won’t be reactivated by this step.

Completing your in-progress sales and returns

You are still responsible for shipping orders that are in progress once your vacation starts.

Tip: If your schedule will be too busy to ship orders before you travel, set vacation mode to start a few days before you leave.

Note: Returns may still be approved and processed while you are away. Ensure that you have arranged for your mail to be held at the post office and for a friend or family member to check for any packages that may be delivered while you are gone. 

Activating and Adding individual listings

Even though it’s not recommended, you can reactivate specific hidden listings or add new listings while you are on vacation. Note that listings added while on vacation will be set to active though. 

To make a hidden item available without ending your vacation:

  1. Go to your profile

  2. Select Selling

  3. Edit the item

  4. Tap Activate at the bottom of the screen

You will still be responsible for shipping sold items within 3 days. 

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