Verification and Badges

What is profile verification?

Your safety in the marketplace is our top priority. You’ll be asked to verify your profile so we know you’re really you. It also helps to reduce marketplace fraud.

While profile verification does help build trust, we do want you to know that completing this process isn’t an endorsement of any seller or buyer. We can’t fully confirm someone’s identity or guarantee that it’s safe to interact with them. Always use your best judgment and follow our Safety Guidelines.

The information you provide will only be used for profile verification and will not be sold or rented to third parties without your consent. Other users won’t be able to view your private information, including but not limited to your government ID, selfie, and cell phone number. For more information on the data we collect and how we store it, please see our Privacy Policy.

Why should I verify my profile?

With profile verification, sellers can feel more confident shipping to verified buyers while shoppers can feel more confident buying from verified sellers.

You also earn a badge for your profile, letting others know you’re really you.

Some verifications are necessary to unlock certain marketplace features, like Instant Pay, or to clear alerts on your account.

How do I earn the profile verification badge?

To get your profile verified, go to the Trust & Verification section on your profile. From here you can see what you’ve already completed and what still needs to be verified. You’ll need to complete all three of our verifications to earn a new badge.



  • Verified Email

  • Verified SMS

  • Verified Government ID

Facebook is not required for the badge, but it also helps to increase marketplace trust and safety.

Don’t want the badge? No problem. It’s not required. You can always find it in the Trust & Verification section on your profile and complete any missing steps.

Email address

To verify your email address, click on the link in the verification email we’ve sent to you. Or you can go to Profile > Trust & Verification > Email and you’ll receive a new verification email.

Note: The link is only valid for 24 hours. Don’t worry! If you miss this window, go back to the app and tap to get a new verification email.


To verify your phone number, just enter your phone number during the signup process or go to Profile > Trust & Verification > Phone Number. You’ll receive an automated message with a 4-digit verification code.

If your device can’t receive text messages, you can also request to receive your verification code by a phone call. If you’re using Mercari from a device that can’t receive text messages or phone calls (e.g. a tablet), please use your mobile phone number and check your phone for the verification code.

After verifying your phone number, you will not receive any calls or text messages from Mercari.

Note: Mercari is unable to verify international, prepaid, or VoIP phone numbers.

Government ID

To verify your government ID, go to Profile > Trust & Verification > Government ID and you’ll be taken through the steps to upload your government ID. Here’s how it works:

Upload your ID

Click to upload your ID along with a selfie. Your ID will be checked against the photo you upload.

Wait for verification

Getting your ID verified for your Mercari Profile may take up to 48 hours. You’ll need valid credit or debit card on file to get verified.

Note: Other users won’t be able to see your government ID.


To link your Facebook, go to Profile > Trust & Verification > Facebook and log in to your Facebook account to link it to your Mercari account.

Note: Others will not be able to see your Facebook profile.

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