Refunds and Returns

Mercari, Inc.

Mercari provides an online marketplace for consumers. Refund requests are processed by Mercari in line with e-commerce requirements and in accordance with our Terms of Service (TOS).


Mercari’s Return policy reflects a balance between the needs of both parties to the transaction, the Buyer and the Seller. If a Buyer has a concern about an item that they received, they must initiate a return request through the Order Status page or the Rating page within 72 hours of the carrier-confirmed local delivery time (concerns raised outside of these channels may not be considered). When a Buyer has rated the transaction or when more than 72 hours have passed, returns are not permitted. Sellers are required to provide shipping labels for the buyer to return items that are over 50 pounds. Item weight is determined by the actual weight of the item or the dimensional weight of the package, whichever is greater.

Return Eligibility

If a return request is made within 72 hours from delivery (as reflected by the carrier’s timestamp), the item may be returned.

Please select a return reason:

  • Item is not as described in the listing
  • Item doesn't work as described
  • Item was damaged during shipping
  • I didn’t received everything I ordered
  • I received the wrong item
  • Authenticity concerns


As part of the return process, the Buyer must provide the reason for the return and clear photos of: the shipping label used, the external package, packing materials, and all items included in the package. Buyers must provide the requested information within 24 hours of the request. In some cases, Mercari may share the Buyer’s photos with the Seller or require additional information. Snap a photo of the item all packaged up before and after taping the box. Mercari has the right to refuse a return request, including in cases of fraudulent conduct or where the item has been modified after receipt. For new items that are sealed or wrapped by the original manufacturer, these may not be returned if they have been unsealed or unwrapped by the buyer, unless the item does not work, is damaged or is not authentic. Undergarments, bathing suits and beauty products may only be returned in their original packaging and may not be tried on.

When a return is approved, Mercari provides a free shipping label to the Buyer. The Buyer has 3 calendar days (72 hours) to provide the item to the designated shipping carrier and 7 days (168 hours) for the acceptance scan to allow for weekend or holiday drop-off, or the return may be voided. If the returned item was shipped and confirmed by the carrier but is not received by the Seller, the Buyer will be refunded no later than 15 calendar days from the first carrier scan date. If the Buyer does not use the return label provided by Mercari in the required timeframe, then the order will be rated and a refund will not be issued.

Approved Returns - Under Nominal Amount

Returns under a nominal amount may be issued as an account credit in lieu of a refund to the original form of payment, and the Buyer may not be required to ship the item back to the Seller. Credits issued will expire in 90 days, unless the Buyer requests to have the funds added to their account balance.

Requests for refunds in another form of payment must be made within three (3) calendar days of return approval and before credits are used.

Approved Returns and Refunds - Over Nominal Amount

Completed returns will be refunded to the original form of payment. The refund will be processed no later than 14 calendar days after confirmation that the item was returned by the Buyer to the Seller using the return label provided by Mercari.

Refunds Request After Rating

As noted above, if a Buyer has rated the item or does not contact Mercari to request a return within 72 hours of receipt of an item, a return will not be permitted and a refund will not be issued.

If a return request has been approved, the Buyer must return the item using the Mercari-provided return label within 72 hours of receipt of the label. For clarity, the item must be dropped off with the carrier (according to the timestamp of the first scan) within 72 hours from receiving the return label. An approved return will be voided and payment released to the Seller if at least seven (7) days from the date of the initial return approval have passed without a tracking update.

A Buyer has 15 days from delivery date to contact Mercari to provide evidence that the item was stolen or may be inauthentic. For cases where the payment has already been released to the Seller, Mercari may refund the Buyer through an account credit which may be used toward the Buyer’s next purchase. Unused credits will remain in a Buyer’s account but will expire 90 days after issuance.

Seller Return Issues

When the Seller receives an item back from the Buyer, the Seller has 24 hours from confirmed delivery to let Mercari know that the item is not in the same condition as initially shipped. The Buyer has the right to open the item (including a sealed package) to inspect it before returning the item. Sellers can inform Mercari about the item’s altered condition from the Order Status Page or Help Center and must provide all information and photos requested by Mercari within 24 hours. Mercari will review the request and take appropriate action, at its discretion.

Return Process Abuse

Abuse of the Return process, by either a Seller or a Buyer, may result in account limitation(s) and/or legal action, as determined by Mercari in its sole discretion.

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