Ratings for Buyers

How ratings work

Ratings help build trust between users in the Mercari community. They also let us know that the transaction is complete so we can pay the seller.

Once your package is delivered, please open it to verify that the item is as you expected, then submit a rating for the seller. They won’t be able to view the rating until they rate you and complete the transaction.

Rating time frame

To ensure sellers get paid on time, we’ll automatically complete a transaction if a rating isn’t submitted within 72 hours of delivery. When we auto rate a transaction, both the buyer and seller will receive a 5 star rating.

Please don’t rate the seller before your order is delivered.

You won’t be able to rate a returned or cancelled order.

Updating a rating

Mercari can only make positive changes to ratings. If you need to update your rating, let us know. We’re happy to help.

Reviewing your ratings

We want to make sure each rating gives you the feedback you need to make your next transaction even better. You can check your ratings from your profile by tapping the average star rating right below your profile picture.

Ratings section

“Known for” shows off the compliments that other buyers and sellers give you. It’s what you’re known for as a buyer or seller. Got a compliment? Keep up the good work. These compliments will be visible to your future buyers and sellers.

"Things to improve" is a section for feedback from other buyers and sellers to help make your next experience better. This feedback is only visible to you.

You can exit out of it at any time by tapping the “x” in the top right corner.

Reporting a rating

Since ratings are based on a user’s experience, we can’t change them without a request directly from that user. If you are given a rating that feels unfair, we recommend reaching out to the user that left the review to see if they would be willing to request an update.

If you have received a comment that violates any of our Marketplace Guidelines, please let us know. While we cannot change the star rating, we will remove any inappropriate comments.

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