Returns for Sellers

If the buyer needs to request a return, we’re here to help. Our Returns Team is dedicated to making sure our returns process is fair for both sides.

How returns work

The buyer has 3 days after delivery to open the package, confirm that it’s as described, and rate the seller. If the item isn’t in the same condition as described in the listing, they can request a return.

Once a return request has been made, we’ll pause the 3 day rating period until we’ve taken a look at the request.

Handling a return request

When a buyer requests a return, we’ll ask for some photos of the item. Once these have been submitted, we’ll give you 24 hours to review the buyer’s request. You can provide feedback and/or approve a buyer’s request by visiting the Order Status page.

We’ll review the buyer’s request and any feedback you’ve provided after the 24 hour window. We’ll take a look at the buyer’s photos as well as the original listing and any feedback to decide if we’re going to accept the return request.

We’ll approve a return if

  • The item is not as described in the listing.

  • The item is prohibited.

  • There is undisclosed damage to the item.

  • There is an incorrect, incomplete, or missing item.

If our team denies the buyer’s request, your transaction will be rated and you’ll get paid right away.

Receiving your return

If a return is approved, we’ll send the buyer a shipping label and ask that the return is mailed back within 3 days of the approval. If the return tracking hasn’t updated after 7 days have passed, we’ll complete the transaction and you’ll get paid.

Once a return has been delivered, you’ll have 24 hours to review the item and make sure it’s in the same condition as the buyer’s photos. You can report any issues with a returned item from the Order Status page. You must contact us within 24 hours of delivery to report any issues.

Tips for preventing returns

Sometimes things happen. Here are some tips on avoiding returns:

  1. Take quality photos

    Proper lighting can make sure the colors and condition of your item are accurate.

  2. Make sure your description is accurate

    Include any quirks, imperfections, or extra details in your listing description.

  3. Include any flaws

    Buyers should have all the facts when making a purchase. You can take photos of any flaws and add them in the listing description.

  4. Package your item safely for transit

    Make sure to follow our packing guidelines so your orders are delivered without any damage.

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