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Packaging guidelines

Congratulations! You made a sale. We put together our Packing Guidelines to help you get your items to their next home safely. Because we’re using a third party carrier like USPS, UPS and FedEx, you will also need to adhere to their shipping and packing guidelines.
It starts with an assessment of product specifics such as length, width, weight — this prevents damage.

What are you sending?

  • Is the item fragile? Or could it be bent while in transit?
  • For items longer than 45”, you will need to ship on your own
  • Shipping weight (l x w x h)/139. If it’s over 150 lbs, you’ll need to ship on your own.

Pick the right package

  • For items that aren’t fragile or possibly bendable while in transit, you can use an envelope, poly mailer or softpak. This is great for items like clothing
  • For all other items, use the smallest box possible
  • Use sturdy cardboard boxes for fragile items like electronics or dishware

How to pack

  • Select the right box size
  • Make sure the cardboard is sturdy enough to protect your item while in transit
  • Individually wrap each item
  • Fill in all empty areas (top, bottom and sides) so it doesn’t move. Test this by shaking the box before sealing it

Ship the item and inform your Buyer

  • Drop the package off at the correct carrier
  • Go to the Order Status page and click “I’ve shipped it”

Non-fragile products can be shipped using an envelope, poly mailer, or a softpak.

  • Your items will not be damaged if bent or if another item is on top of it.
  • If you’re selling a collectible item where the original container is considered valuable, please use the fragile packing guidelines.

Example: For many, Funko Pop is considered a collectible item and the box should be protected. Use fragile packing guidelines.

Fragile products need protection from shifting around during transportation.

  • Shipping heavy or fragile products? Use a study outer box
  • Wrap each individual fragile product in 3” thickness of cushion material. You may need to double wrap your item.
  • Cushion the remaining empty space (top, bottom and sides) in the box to prevent movement.
  • Don't assume the original package suffices. The original order was likely purchased by a merchant. They probably received the item on a pallet. You must pack the retail box in another cardboard box.
  • Tape every opening on your package (it doesn’t hurt to tape over multiple times)
  • Reusing a box is acceptable if all markings are removed or covered
    See USPS instructions
  • Remove or cover all Hazardous Materials sign from your box

Shipping Weight

To use a Mercari prepaid label, our heaviest label is 150 lbs. This includes the item weight, packaging materials and the size of the box. To determine the correct label weight: length x width x height = total volume / shipping divisor. Please ship on your own if the longest side of your box exceeds 45”, second longest side cannot exceed 20”, and the total shipping weight is above 150 lbs. If one side exceeds the longest side limit, you may incur fees up to $90 by the carrier.

  • FedEX
  • UPS
  • USPS

  • Shipping liquids, perfumes, aerosols?

    Liquids (especially in breakable containers) must be separated using padded poly bags or “jiffy” envelopes. It’s also advised to ship these types of items separately when possible. Still unsure about the regulations surrounding your shipment? Here’s a reference from the USPS regarding preparing shipments. If Mercari prepaid labels do not meet packing guidelines set by USPS, you will need to ship on your own.

    Carriers Packing Guidelines

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