Mercari Marketplace Guidelines

Mercari’s users enjoy a safe and easy mobile marketplace where anyone can buy and sell.


Mercari is an open and social marketplace that encourages users to engage with each other as they buy and sell. From clothing and accessories to electronics and collectables, you can find almost anything for sale on Mercari! Cash in by cleaning out your closets. Or find that special something for yourself.
We’re always working to keep Mercari safe and friendly. Please keep in mind that we do not allow items restricted by local, state or federal regulations. We also reserve the right to prohibit items we deem inappropriate.

How to Sell

Seller Guidelines

Mercari provides a market opportunity to sell your personal items. To ensure delivery of the Seller’s merchandise, Mercari provides traceable shipping options with an insurance value up to $100. Once the item is confirmed as delivered, your buyer rates you, and then you rate your buyer to receive payment.

Please follow our Seller Guidelines and remember that all sales are final upon your buyer’s Rating.

  • Listing must be a legal item owned by the Seller
  • Selling of the item must not violate any local, federal or state regulations
  • The item must not be on Mercari’s Prohibited Items list
  • If required, the Seller must transfer all rights to or remove any restrictions on the merchandise at time of purchase
  • For optimal sales, provide a detailed item description including:
    • Size
    • Brand
    • Condition
    • Proof of authenticity
  • Provide clear photos taken by the Seller - must be actual, not stock, photos of the item
  • Choose USPS or FedEx and use Mercari’s prepaid shipping labels
    • Select the proper shipping label for the item’s weight
  • Choose to ship it yourself
    • Always provide a valid tracking number
  • Seller must ship item by the promised “Ships within” time frame specified in the listing
  • Mercari must be able to confirm delivery through a valid tracking number

How to Buy

Buyer Guidelines

Mercari offers a secure and friendly mobile marketplace for users. Mercari does not release payments until the Buyer receives the item, and both Buyer and Seller rate each other. If an item received is not as described in the listing, a Buyer may request a full refund. Buyers are only protected if they follow the Buyer Guidelines.

  • Do not buy Prohibited Items
  • Comment and gather information concerning the item’s condition prior to purchase
    • Ask about defects such as rips, tears, dents, stains, odors, or damages
  • When your seller ships on their own, request a valid tracking number
  • Inspect the item upon delivery, and do not rate your seller until this point
  • Once the Buyer has rated the Seller, all sales are final

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • Item did not ship
    • Sellers can request a cancellation for orders that cannot be fulfilled
    • Buyers can request a cancellation to receive a full refund if the item isn’t shipped within the promised time frame
  • Wrong item shipped
    • Mercari provides the Buyer with a return label to ship item back to the Seller
    • If the Seller or Buyer are not in good standing with Mercari, a return may be rejected
    • Once delivery of the returned item is confirmed, the transaction will be cancelled, and the Buyer will receive a full refund in original form of payment
    • Buyer must contact Mercari within 3 days from receipt of the item to request a refund or return
  • Item not as described
    • Mercari provides the Buyer with a return label to ship item back to Seller
    • Mercari will issue a refund once the item has been returned to the Seller, provided the Buyer has followed Buyer Guidelines
    • If the Buyer is not in good standing with Mercari, a return may be rejected
    • Buyer must contact Mercari within 3 days from receipt of the item to request a refund or return
  • Buyer is not responsive
    • If the Buyer is not responsive, Mercari will honor its Seller Guarantee, rate the Seller, and issue payment to the Seller 3 days after confirmed delivery
  • Item not received
    • If there’s no confirmed delivery, Mercari issues the Buyer a full refund
  • Items lost or damaged in transit
    • Mercari will work with you to help resolve the issue

Keeping Mercari Safe

In order to keep our marketplace safe for our users, Mercari has prohibited the listing and sale various items. The full list of our Prohibited Items can be easily found in our Rules and Manners FAQs.
Prohibited Items include but are not limited to:

  • Illegal Items
  • Counterfeit items
  • Stolen goods
  • Advertisements or listings for objects being sought
  • Digital items
  • Account credentials
  • Items that contain nicotine
  • Weapons
  • Explicit items
  • Sex toys and fetish items
  • Items that are a safety hazard
  • Products that require legal approval or licenses to be sold
  • Items you do not currently have that are on order
  • Alcohol
  • Prescription or behind-the-counter medicines
  • Financial products and services such as bonds, securities and insurance
  • Current banknotes (in dollars or other currencies)
  • Animals
  • Human body parts, organs, cells, blood, and similar objects
  • Items deemed unsuitable by Mercari

For the full Prohibited Items list, please go to Help Center > Getting Started > Rules and Manners > Prohibited Items.