Meetups (beta)

What are meetups?

Introducing Meetups (beta). Now users in the greater Los Angeles area (see eligible zip codes) can pick up items in-person.

When you choose this option, you can:

Buy/sell items in-person ASAP:

No need to wait for shipping, delivery, or a rating. Sellers get paid quickly, and buyers get their stuff stat.

Save on shipping and selling fees:

Keep more money in your pocket with in-person pick up and payment.

Skip shipping for bulky, fragile, or heavy items

No need to spend time and money packaging and shipping, and get peace
of mind knowing your item arrives undamaged.

Download the latest version of the Mercari app to try it out (iOS | Android).

*Terms apply. See Mercari Meetup Terms of Service here.

Meetup for Buyers

Save on shipping costs and get your item ASAP with in-person pickup.

How does it work?

Find nearby items:

  • Set your default address: Confirm your address (default address must be in eligible Los Angeles zip codes.)

  • Set your search range: Use the distance filter to set your search range to find items in your area

  • Browse nearby items: Browse thousands of items in your area

Ready for a meetup?

  1. Send a meetup request:

    Find something you love? Click ‘Ask to pick up’ to send an automated meetup request to the seller.

  2. Coordinate your meetup:

    If the seller accepts your request to meet up, work with them to set a day, time, and place to meet, and ask how they prefer to be paid (cash, digital payment, etc).

  3. Transact offline:

    Meetups take place outside of Mercari – you’ll pay the seller directly by their preferred method.

Tip: Don’t purchase the item on Mercari – that’ll cancel the meetup request. Once you’ve agreed on your meetup plan, ask the seller to add PENDING SALE to the item title, and complete your transaction in person.

How do I pay?

Ask for your seller’s preferred payment method ahead of time. During the beta, meetups take place outside of Mercari, so you’ll pay the seller directly via a digital payment method or cash.

Who can participate?

Meetups are only available to Mercari users in eligible Los Angeles zip codes. While not required to schedule meetups, we encourage you to complete your verification to help establish trust within the marketplace.

For more information on meetup eligibility, please review Mercari Meetup Terms of Service.

What items are eligible?

All items listed in eligible Los Angeles zip codes are available for meetups. Note: The seller must accept your meetup request in order to make an in-person purchase.

Are items purchased via meetup eligible for buyer protection, returns, refunds or insurance?

Returns, refunds, buyer protection and CPS (Consumer Priority Service) Insurance are not available for items you’ve purchased via meetups.

Be sure to carefully inspect the item and ask any questions before you pay.

Tips for a smooth in-person pickup:

  • Get verified: Establish trust with the seller by verifying your profile. We encourage verification to help keep the marketplace safe. Learn how.

  • Communicate on Mercari: Coordinate with the seller in the Mercari app.

  • Use ID cues: Tell the seller how to identify you by a shirt color or car make. Ask the seller to provide you with a cue, too!

  • Set a specific time: Inform the seller you'll only be available at a specific time (vs. range). This can help prevent unnecessary delays.

  • Inspect the Item: Thoroughly inspect the item before finalizing the transaction. Ensure it matches the description and meets your expectations.

Meet up for Sellers

Sell in person and save on selling fees with in-person payment. Plus, skip the packing, shipping, and rating time.

What items are eligible for meetups?

All items in select Los Angeles zip codes are eligible for meetup.

How does it work?

Selling items in the LA area? Here’s how meetups work:

  1. You’ll receive a meetup request

    A buyer will send you a request to meet up and purchase your item. You can accept or decline the meetup in one tap.

    Note: Buyers can technically request to meetup via in app messaging without sending an automated request. If so, no problem! You can proceed to the following steps.

  2. Coordinate your meetup

    Work with the buyer to set a day, time, and place to exchange. Be sure to let them know what payment method you prefer.

  3. Transact offline:

    Meetups take place outside of Mercari, which means you’ll get paid in person. You’ll need to accept cash or a digital payment from your buyer.

Tip: Keep your item active while the meetup is in progress to ensure messaging stays enabled

Tips for a successful in-person pickup

  1. Get verified – Establish trust with the buyer by verifying your profile. We encourage verification to help keep the marketplace safe. Learn how.

  2. Communicate on Mercari – Work out all the details with the buyer in the app.

  3. Provide ID cues – Give the buyer some info to easily find you, e.g. what you’ll be wearing and the make of your car. Ask them to give you cues, too!

  4. Set a specific time – For instance, 12:30 pm sharp, vs "sometime around noon." That way, nobody's left waiting.

  5. Meet in a public place – Find a halfway point between you and the buyer that’s well-lit, has cameras, and is populated, like a coffee shop or shopping center.

  6. Verify the payment – Confirm receipt of payment via preferred digital payment method or cash.

Tips for safety

  • Meet in a public place: Choose a well-lit, populated, and public location for the transaction, such as a coffee shop, shopping mall, or a local police station's designated safe exchange zone.

  • Keep valuables secure: Keep your belongings (phone, wallet, and other valuables) secure and out of sight during the meeting. Avoid bringing an excess of cash with you.

  • Stay in public view: Never agree to meet in a secluded or private area. Stay in a public space where there are people around.

  • Don't go alone at night: Avoid meeting someone to buy something after dark. Stick to daytime meetings if you can, or bring someone with you if you must meet at night.

  • Park smart: If you're driving, park in a well-lit and secure area.

  • Inform someone: Let a friend or family member know the details of your meeting, including the location, time, and the name of who you're meeting. Bring your mobile phone with you and be sure it’s charged.

Important: Mercari will never share your exact location or address with any users participating in meetup.

Tips for avoiding scams

  • Don't share financial information: Never share your financial details like credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, or bank information.

  • Keep your home address private: If you're the seller, meet in a public location, not your home. If you're the buyer, don't disclose your home address. Note: Mercari will never share your personal address with other users for meetups.

  • Don't share personal information: Avoid sharing unnecessary personal details with the seller/buyer. Stick to discussing transaction details and item specifics only.

  • Use cash or secure payment methods: When dealing with cash, ensure you have the exact amount ready. If using digital payment methods, use secure platforms that offer buyer/seller protection.

  • Bring a friend: If possible, bring a friend or family member with you. Having another person present can deter potential scammers or thieves.

Remember, your safety should always come first. If at any point you feel uneasy or suspicious, it's better to cancel the meeting and walk away than to put yourself at risk.


    Can I opt out of meetups?

    All items in select Los Angeles zip codes are eligible for meetup. However, if you prefer not to meet up, you can decline any meetup requests.

    Why is Mercari offering meetups?

    We're always looking for ways to improve the buying and selling experience, which is why we're excited to introduce meetups on Mercari! Since the launch of Mercari Local in 2021, we've received continued interest from our community for in-person meetups. Listening to your feedback, we've now made it possible to connect and transact face-to-face. Enjoy the convenience and personal touch of meetups as we continue to enhance the Mercari experience.

    Can a buyer see my location when browsing items?

    No. Items only appear based on zip code proximity. Mercari will never expose your exact location or address for meetup purposes.

    Does Mercari share my address with a prospective meetup buyer?

    No. Mercari will not share your exact location or address with other meetup users. We strongly recommend meeting in a public place for safety reasons. However, you may choose to share your address via chat to arrange the pickup at your home.

    Please be cautious with the personal information that you opt to share with other users when scheduling a meetup.

    How does Mercari determine my location?

    To show nearby items eligible for meetup, Mercari uses approximate location based on your zip code. We estimate location based on zip codes provided through a user's default address or device IP address (mobile device or pc).

    Mercari does not use precise geolocation methods, such as GPS coordinates, to determine the location of the buyer and seller. For more information on how Mercari approximates your location, please review Mercari Meetup Terms of Service.

    How do I purchase multiple items from the same seller?

    If you’re interested in meeting to purchase multiple items from one seller, tap the ‘Request pickup’ for every item you’re interested in buying. Then, coordinate the meetup in one of those pickup request messaging windows, or by direct messaging the seller.

    Can I change my pickup location after confirming the place/time?

    Yes, you may change the pickup location or time. Just communicate with your buyer or seller as soon as possible and confirm the new details.

    What if I'm unable to make it to the scheduled pickup?

    Communicate any scheduling changes to your buyer or seller as soon as possible.

    Can I designate items for pickup only?

    At this time, items are unable to be marked for pickup only.

    Does Mercari offer an in-app payment option for meetups?

    Not at this time, but stay tuned.

    Can the item still be sold to someone else on Mercari once the meetup is scheduled?

    While a pickup is pending, other buyers may make an offer on an item – or purchase it – before it’s marked SOLD. The seller may choose to accept this offer/sale, but is encouraged to change the item’s title to include PENDING SALE once a meetup has been accepted. If the seller decides to sell the item to someone else, they should let the in-person buyer know ASAP.

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