Direct Messaging

What is messaging?

On Mercari, you can communicate with other users via the messaging functionality. A buyer can message a seller about an item listing, make an offer, and/or communicate about a purchase. To communicate with a seller, view an item and tap “Message seller” to open the chat window. If you receive a message, you’ll be notified in the message center.

What’s direct messaging?

Direct messaging makes it easy to communicate and connect with other users outside of listings and purchases. With direct messaging, you may initiate a chat with another user from their profile and see your shared chat, interactions, and history in the message center.

When should I use direct messaging?

You can use direct messaging to connect with another user on a new level. For example,

  • Find out what other inventory they have in their trading card collection
  • Ask how they got started curating vintage finds
  • See if they have more items in your size
  • Tell a seller exactly what you are searching for
You can also use direct messaging to discuss transactions and potential sales.

Be sure to download the latest version of our app (iOS | Android) to try it out!

How is direct messaging different from item messaging?

The messaging functionality is the same but how you start the conversation is different. Item messaging is started when viewing an item detail page. Direct messaging is started when viewing a user profile page. In addition, direct messages between users are saved and don't expire.

How does direct messaging work?

Want to ask a user about their listings, collection or more? It’s easy:

  1. Navigate to the user’s profile
  2. Tap the ‘Message’ button
  3. Your chat and interaction history will appear and you can start your new conversation
  4. Your messages will appear in your message center as usual

Will direct messaging impact my average response time or "Fast Responder" seller badge?
No, direct messaging will not impact your average response time or "Fast Responder" seller badge. These are calculated and earned based on item and transaction messaging response time.

What if I receive rude or unwanted messages?

Be sure to follow our Marketplace Guidelines for messaging. You’ll still have access to the same safety features as usual. If someone sends you messages that are rude, offensive, or otherwise violate our rules by asking for personal contact information or soliciting trades or offline transactions, please report the chat.

To report a chat:
  1. Tap the flag to the right of the message
  2. Tap “YES” to confirm

We’ll investigate the message. Thanks for helping us keep the marketplace safe.

Note: You can block a user by tapping the three dots in the top-right corner. Then tap “Block user.” Tap “YES” to confirm. You will then stop receiving messages from that user.

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