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Fees on Mercari

Listing an item is always free on Mercari. Fees are charged when an item sells or when a service is used. The following charts explain fees on Mercari.

Seller Fees

Your earnings equal the listing price minus the selling fee, payment processing fee and shipping (if you select to offer free shipping). These fees are charged to the Seller when the sale has been successfully completed.

  • 0% fee
    To create a listing.
  • 10% fee
    A minimum fee of 10% of the item price for a completed sale.
    Charged to the Seller.

  • Transaction and Payment Fees

    Mercari incurs fees related to payment processing and balance withdraws out of our system by our financial services partners. Some of these service fees are charged to our users.

    Payment Processing:
    Mercari charges sellers a market competitive rate of 2.9% plus $0.30 for each payment received from the buyer. We do so with the added convenience of not requiring you to sign up for a separate processing account. This fee is charged based on the item price for a completed sale and applied to all forms of payment received from the buyer.

  • 2.9% + $0.30 fee
    A Payment Processing Fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 per sale is charged based on the completed sale price of the item.
    Charged to the Seller.
  • $0 fee
    Each completed Direct Deposit of $10 or more to your bank account.
  • $2 fee
    Each direct deposit transfer under the minimum of $10.
  • $2 fee
    Each direct deposit transfer rejected by your financial institution and returned back to your Mercari balance.
  • $2 fee
    Each completed Instant Pay transfer.

  • Balance Withdrawals:
    There are two ways to cash out your earnings from your Mercari balance offered by Mercari.

    Direct Deposit:
    Once you’ve added your checking account and have a balance, you can request a cash-out request to your bank using direct deposit. This transaction is typically processed within 5 business days depending on your bank’s processing times. There is no fee for a direct deposit of $10 or more, but you will owe a $2 fee if your bank can’t process the request or if the amount requested is under $10.

    Instant Pay:
    Instant Pay is the fastest way to get paid when you need that extra cash. To do this, go to your balance, tap “Instant Pay,” complete your ID validation (if you haven’t already), and add a debit card. You can use Instant Pay for up to $500 per month, once per day on eligible debit cards. There is a $2 flat fee per cash-out. In some cases, depending on your bank’s processing time, it can take up to 30 minutes to see the balance in your bank account.

    Shipping Fees on Mercari

    We offer low, fixed rates with USPS, FedEx, or Mercari Pack and Ship at The UPS Store for packages weighing up to 150 lbs—with a maximum length of 45”. These rates offer an average of 40% savings compared to the retail pricing of each carrier; all fees and rates are based on a comparison completed February 12, 2021. See shipping price examples below.

    If your package weighs more than 150 pounds (or exceeds the 45” size limit), you’ll need to ship it on your own. We do not ship furniture or major appliances.

    Note: If a seller choose to ship on their own they are responsible for all costs associated with the shipping process.

    If you ship a package that exceeds the size and weight limits on the label, you may have to pay overage fees. You’re also responsible for using the right type of package, which means that you’re in charge of additional fees if you use the wrong packaging.

  • 100% of total overage fines
    Shipping a package that exceeds the size and weight limits on the label. Mercari may deduct from fee from balance.
    Paid by Seller.
  • 100% of fines from FedEx or USPS
    Shipping with wrong packaging (i.e. Priority Express or Flat Rate boxes, USPS First Class (0-15.9 oz) or FedEx labels on Priority Mail boxes).
    Paid by Seller.
  • 100% of fines from FedEx or USPS
    Shipping with hazardous material labels on the packaging.
    Paid by Seller.

  • Cancellation Fees on Mercari

    Cancellations should only occur if the seller cannot fulfill an order. If a seller has frequent cancellations, Mercari may charge a cancellation fee of 5% of the item price (maximum of $25) to cover the cost of any transaction fees, operational and/or shipping label costs we incur. You will receive warnings if you reach this limit before a fee is charged. This fee will be subtracted from your balance and/or charged to the card on file within 30 days after you receive a notification from us.

  • 5% of the item price
    $25 maximum
    The seller may be charged a cancellation fee if an item is canceled.
  • Note: If you cancel repeatedly, listings may be removed and your account may be limited.

    Legal Fees on Mercari

    Mercari releases information about our customers only when presented with an official legal request, as described in our Information for Law Enforcement and other Government Agencies Policy.

    Mercari reserves the right to charge fees for any processing of legal documents.

  • $25 per hour
    Cost of subpoena processing (i.e. subpoena, court order, or search warrant).
    Paid by Law Enforcement/Government Agencies.

  • Service Fees on Mercari

    Mercari provides access to additional services for buyers or sellers on our platform. The purchase of additional products or services facilitated by Mercari or offered outside of Mercari will be communicated at the time of the Service and these fees may vary. Separate Mercari Terms & Conditions apply to each of these services and you may be asked to accept additional terms offered through a third party to use these services and/or handle payments and fees outside of Mercari.

  • Mercari Authenticate $5
    Seller is charged to list an item over a set $ amount by a third party authentication service.
    Paid by Seller.
  • Mercari Authenticate $10
    Certificate of Authenticity provided by a third party service on Authenticated items.
    Paid by Seller.
  • Warranty
    Warranties are offered through a third party for certain items. Fees are charged through the third party.
    Paid by Buyer.

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