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How does shipping work for sellers?

Your item’s sold. Time to ship. We’ll email you a printable shipping label once your item sells (unless you select to ship on your own). As the buyer will be eagerly awaiting their purchase, we ask you to ship the item within 3 business days. Mercari will provide the suggested shipping label based on the item weight, packaging, and the size of the box. If your listing is made up of multiple items, you will need to edit shipping and provide the total weight for all your items (aka bundle). Our shipping recommendation may not be perfect due to the uniqueness of each listing, so please make sure to edit your shipping options accordingly.

The Mercari prepaid label is preferred by most sellers. We offer low, fixed rates with USPS or FedEx for packages weighing up to 150 lbs -- with the longest side not exceeding 45” and the second longest side not exceeding 20”. The carrier may charge you an additional handling fee up to $120 for any package over 45”. Note that if you are a seller located in Hawaii or Alaska you will need to ship with USPS. When your item is sold, we email the label to you. Simply print and attach it to your package before dropping it off.

Mercari prepaid labels cannot be used to ship any material deemed to be hazardous by the shipping carriers, heavy equipment, furniture, or appliances. Sellers will bear the full responsibility of all shipping costs associated with these items.

Ship on your own is a good alternative if you need to ship something over 150 lbs, need to insure your item for more than $200 Mercari Shipping Protection, or the packaging is over the 45” size limit. Ship on your own is also suitable if you’re a frequent seller and prefer a different method of purchasing postage. Keep in mind that a valid tracking number is required when shipping on your own. Mercari isn’t responsible for lost or damaged packages when you ship on your own. For items weighing more than 20 lbs, sellers will need to pay for return shipping.

Note: Mercari cannot reimburse shipping labels when you choose to ship on your own.

Pack and Ship is a packaging service offered through The UPS Store. Just take the item to a The UPS Store location. The UPS Store Certified Packing Experts® will package your item and ship it for you. This is suitable for items that are big, bulky, fragile, or intricate. From strollers to bikes, guitars to game consoles. This option is only available when the seller pays for shipping and for items that are not longer 45”. You may incur an additional handling fee up to $90 for any package over 45”.

Tip: When you pay for shipping (whether it’s a prepaid label or you ship on your own), we mark your item with a Free Shipping icon. Items with shipping included tend to sell faster.

How to use a prepaid label

We’ll recommend a shipping label for most items, depending on the size and weight of the package. This will be the best and cheapest option for your item. You’ll always be able to edit the shipping label.

Shipping label includes the packaging and is the greater of the actual weight or shipping weight. To determine the correct label weight: length x width x height = total volume / 139 average shipping divisor.

Do not use Priority Mail boxes with a USPS First Class (<1 lb) label.

Next steps:

1. Package the item with care so it arrives safely. Attach shipping label.

2. Ship within 3 business days from purchase date using a valid tracking number. Shipping Protection will be nulled if shipped after 3 business days from purchase date.

3. Confirm your shipment in the app.

Experiencing a delay? Send the buyer a message by tapping the message icon on the Order Status page. The buyer can cancel this transaction if the item is not shipped in time.

Mercari Pack and Ship

1. Choose Pack and Ship while listing the item.

Note that this option is only available when the seller pays for shipping.

2. Select the correct weight range

When it’s possible, our app suggests a weight range based on similar items that shipped in the past.

Next steps:

1. Drop the item off at a The UPS Store location. Show your shipping code (printout or on your phone) to a store associate.

2. The UPS Store will package and ship. The UPS Store Certified Packing Experts® will print your label, package your item and ship it for you.

3. You’re all done. The Order Status page will update automatically to let the buyer know your shipment is on its way.

$200 Shipping Protection is with every Mercari prepaid label. If your item is lost in transit, or if the buyer files a return for damaged in transit.

To qualify for Shipping Protection

  • you used a Mercari label
  • label was scanned by carrier no later than 3 days from purchase date
  • label weight is equal to or greater than actual weight (to be safe, you’re protected if you use Mercari’s shipping recommendation)
  • you safely package the item and used the right packing materials
  • package does not exceed 45” (longest side) x 20” (second longest side)
  • the item is not prohibited according to Mercari’s terms and conditions or according to carrier’s guidelines
  • you did not ship hazardous materials
  • your account is in good standing
  • Shipping Protection does not apply if Mercari incurs additional shipping charges for postage due, oversized and overweight
  • Shipping Protection is not applicable for denied Returns
  • Shipping Protection is not applicable to Sellers for returned items
  • Shipping Protection does not apply to Mercari prepaid labels with old shipping prices.

Reliable sellers deliver orders as promised. To protect the marketplace for everyone, frequent cancellations may impact your selling privileges.

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