How do Mercari prepaid labels work?

We offer low, fixed rates with USPS, FedEx, UPS Ground, or Mercari Pack and Ship at The UPS Store for packages with a shipping weight up to 150 lbs and a maximum length of 45” with the second longest side not exceeding 20”. These rates offer an average of 63% savings compared to the retail pricing of each carrier. If your package weighs more than 150 pounds (or exceeds the 45” size limit), you’ll need to ship it on your own.

Note that FedEx shipments can’t go to and from Hawaii or Alaska. If you live in Hawaii or Alaska and want to buy an item that doesn’t offer FedEx, you can message the seller to see if they can change the shipping option to USPS.

What is included in Mercari’s prepaid label?

We take the hassle out of shipping by offering a single price for shipments to and from any of the 50 states. If you’re shipping across the country or around the corner, the price is the same.

To provide peace of mind for your shipments, items shipped using the latest Mercari prepaid label includes $200 Shipping Protection. Your shipment using Mercari prepaid labels will include insurance up to $200 for items that are lost or damaged in transit. You can file claims right from the app.

Just select the correct shipping weight and you’re good to go.

To learn more please visit our Shipping Protection FAQ.

What is shipping weight?

Shipping weight includes the actual weight of the item as well as all packaging, wrapping, and boxing (the shipping weight). To keep it simple, Mercari estimates the shipping weight for you when you list. If your listing is made up of multiple items, you will need to edit shipping and provide the total weight for all your items (aka bundle). Our shipping recommendation may not be perfect due to the uniqueness of each listing, so please make sure to edit your shipping options accordingly.

You can determine the correct label weight: length x height x width = total volume / 139 average shipping divisor. Keep in mind that the longest side not exceeding 45” and the second longest side not exceeding 20”.

If you ship a package that exceeds the size and weight limits on the label, you’ll be responsible for the overage fees and will not qualify for Shipping Protection. Additional shipping fees will be deducted from your Mercari balance.

Which boxes can I use with prepaid labels?

When shipping an item don't assume the original package will be enough protection to get the item safely to the buyer. The original order was likely purchased by a merchant and received on a pallet. You must pack the retail box in another cardboard box. For more packing tips please visit our packing guidelines.

If your label is for USPS Priority Mail (1-3 lbs, 3-10 lbs, or 10-20 lbs), you can use the free Priority Mail boxes available at your post office. Create an account to order them here.

Any label that is not USPS or any Mercari USPS shipping label less than 1 lb is not Priority Mail and may not be shipped with Priority Mail boxes.

Important notes:

  • Mercari shipping labels can’t be used on Priority Express or Flat Rate boxes.
  • Your package cannot be more than 108” length and girth.
  • Don’t use USPS First Class (0-15.9 oz) or FedEx labels on Priority Mail boxes.
  • You can reuse boxes and packing materials to ship USPS and FedEx packages. Just be sure to remove old labels.
  • Remove old labels like “hazardous chemicals” to avoid service disruptions and/or fines from FedEx or USPS.
  • If you sent the wrong item, contact our Help Center. Do not use a label twice.You will be additional shipping fees plus your account may be restricted.
  • If you cannot find the right box to fit your items, contact our Help Center.
  • If fines are applied, it’s your responsibility to pay them.

With Pack and Ship, there’s no need to worry about boxes. Just take the item to your local The UPS Store. The UPS Store Certified Packing Experts® will package your item and ship it for you. This is suitable for items that are big, bulky, fragile, or intricate. Note that the longest side of your item can’t exceed 45”.

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