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Shipping guide

If you don’t have a ruler handy, we recommend searching for your item on the web to find the item’s size. This is usually published by the manufacturer or retailer.

Example: Funko Pop! Movies: Dune Classic - Feyd with Battle Outfit

Shipping label weight

  • Make sure you select the right shipping label weight class for the item. Shipping weight includes item weight, packaging, and wrapping. The label is the heavier of the actual weight or the dimensional weight rounded up to the nearest pound or ounce for item under 1 pound. Remember, carriers will charge additional fees for not having enough postage.

    If you’d like to change the shipping recommendation, please edit the label with the correct weight and dimension information.

  • If you don’t have the packaging yet and you plan to use a poly mailer or envelope, please add 0.30 lb to get total weight.

    Note: Envelope cannot exceed 22" x 18" x 15" when using USPS First Class Package service

  • If you’re using a bubble mailer, the average height is 3/16”. You will need to round up to the nearest inch.

    Standard bubble mailer sizes are:

    6” x 9” x 1” - a standard greeting card size
    9” x 12” x 1” - a standard magazine size
    10” x 13” x 1” - a large catalog size

    Rounding the height from 0.2” to 1” will not impact the shipping cost.

  • If you don’t have the packaging yet and you plan to use a box, add 2” to each of the item measurements, rounding up to the nearest inch. To determine the dimensional weight: length x width x height = total volume / shipping divisor.

  • FedEX
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • Note: The longest side doesn’t exceed 45” and the second longest side doesn’t exceed 20”.

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