Creating a Listing

We’ve got you covered

Decluttering your closet? Parting from old favorites? No matter your reason for listing, we’ve got all the tips you need to get started.

Listing on Mercari is fast, easy, and free. Just take some photos, add a description, and set the price.

For some items, Mercari may recognize the item and input item details for you. You can still edit these details before listing.

When your item sells, there are just two fees. Your selling fee is 10% and the payment processing fee is 2.9% of the sold price plus shipping/delivery price + $0.50 per transaction. Note: The shipping price refers to both buyer and seller paid shipping using a Mercari label and Mercari Local delivery. Processing fees are charged by credit card providers. To keep it simple, we charge the same payment processing fee no matter how the buyer chooses to pay or what shipping/delivery method is used.

Choosing what to sell

On the Mercari marketplace, you can list almost anything that can ship. Whether you’re revamping your closet or need to list spare kitchenware, Mercari is the perfect place to declutter and get a fresh start.

Keep an eye out for our Weekly Picks program for sellers. We’ll let you know all the tips and trends for each week.

Items you can’t sell

Your safety is our top priority. We don’t allow these items in the marketplace.

Prohibited items

Counterfeit items

Advertising / soliciting


Coupon / voucher

Inappropriate content

Digital items

Stolen goods

Wrong brand / category

No intent to sell

Keyword stuffing

Before you tap “List”

Here’s how to create the best listing for your item.

Adding photos

You can add up to 12 photos to your listing. We recommend taking as many as possible in natural lighting to capture the item’s exact color. Plain backgrounds are the best so there aren’t any distractions.

Be sure to show any of the item’s flaws. It’s best to take photos of every side of your item.

The first photo will be the first thing shoppers see, so make it your best! You can rearrange your listing’s photos whenever you want.

Describing the item

Be sure to include as much info in your listing as possible. Shoppers want to know exactly what they’re purchasing. Telling a story about your item can help a shopper picture themself buying it.

We ask that you don’t add a bunch of brand names and hashtags that aren’t associated with the item. Being as truthful as possible will increase shoppers’ confidence in your listing.

The more accurate a listing is, the higher it will appear in search results.

For some items, Mercari may recognize the item and input item details for you. You can still edit these details before listing.

Adding the details

Shoppers tend to search for specific brands. If you know the item’s brand, including this in your listing can get more eyes on your item.

On your listing page, you can also choose your item’s category for better searchability. It’s also important to include the item’s accurate condition.

For some items, Mercari may recognize the item and input item details for you. You can still edit these details before listing.

Setting a price

We recommend searching for similar sold items to get a good idea of how to price your item. You can set the price between $1 and $2,000.

For items that are eligible to be authenticated (certain designer shoes, handbags, and wallets), you can list up to $5,000. Items listed between $2,000 and $5,000 require an extra identity verification.

For hassle-free pricing, try Smart Pricing. All you have to do is set your listing’s price and a floor price. We’ll gradually adjust the price based on market demand, but never lower than your floor.

You can also enable Smart Offers when you create a listing or edit an existing one. With Smart Offers turned on, offers in your price range will automatically be accepted and low ones will automatically be countered once within your acceptable offer price range. You control the acceptable offer price range by setting your minimum price and your listing price.

Not ready to list your item? Save a listing for later by tapping “Save draft”.

How to choose your shipping

When you list your item, we’ll ask for the size of the box you’re using and how much the complete package will weigh. This helps us suggest the best shipping label for you. It’s good to have an idea of the box you’re going to use to ship the item, but you don’t have to have it right away.

You’ll get to choose if you want to pay for shipping yourself or have the buyer pay. When you pay, your listing shows that the shipping is free with purchase.

Below the shipping payment options, you’ll see our shipping label recommendation. You can tap the recommendation to update the label or change the shipping to ship on your own. For example, Media Mail is only permitted for eligible books, music and movies and First-Class Envelopes are available only for Trading Cards.

The Mercari prepaid label offers competitive, fixed-rate pricing for packages that weigh up to 50 lbs. When you ship with a Mercari prepaid label, we offer Shipping protection for packages or Local deliveries up to $200 and First-Class Envelopes up to $20. Learn more about Shipping Protection here.

Shipping on your own is a good alternative if you need to ship something over 50 lbs, want to insure your item for more than $200, or if the packaging is over the 34” size limit.

Item badges

Here’s what to look out for on your search results page.

Mercari Authenticate

When you list an item with Authenticate, it will have a diamond badge to show it’s been authenticated by our third party team.

Price Drop

We add a price drop badge to promoted items.

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