Shipping for Sellers

Shipping labels

Mercari prepaid labels

If you choose to ship with a Mercari prepaid label, you’ll need to select whether you want to cover the shipping yourself or have the buyer pay.

If you want the buyer to pay, the cost of the label will be added at buyer checkout. If you want to offer buyers free shipping on your orders, the cost of the label will be deducted from the sales profit.

When a buyer purchases your item, a Mercari prepaid label will be automatically created and sent to your email address. You can also find your shipping label under the Order Status page to select your preferred label paper size, download, and print.

To provide sellers with peace of mind, we protect all shipments that use Mercari prepaid labels. As long as you follow our Shipping Protection guidelines, your package is protected for up to $200 for standard, economy, Local and Media Mail rates and up to $20 for First-Class Envelope rates. The seller cannot make attempts to redirect the package after shipment, as this will create issues with a seller's Mercari Shipping Protection. Click here for more details.

Ship on your own

If you choose to ship an item using your own label, you’ll need to provide a valid tracking number. This will help us confirm the item’s delivery and make sure you get paid on time.

Keep in mind that when you ship on your own, the package doesn't qualify for Mercari Shipping Protection. This means that if you choose to ship on your own, and your item is lost in transit, or a buyer files a return for an item that was damaged in transit, Mercari will not be able to initiate a payout or investigate the transaction for you. If you want to protect your package while in transit, you can purchase insurance through your shipping carrier.

Changing the shipping weight

Here’s how to update your shipping weight.

If you’re paying for shipping

You can update the weight or dimensions of your package by tapping “edit label” on the Order Status page. Once updated, you can reprint your shipping label by first tapping the "Recreate" button and then tapping “View Label.” Packages cannot be rerouted to another address. All additional shipping charges will be the responsibility of the Seller.

If the buyer is paying for shipping

You can either cover the additional costs yourself, or you can cancel the transaction so the buyer can repurchase the item. For the steps on how to update a label when the buyer is paying, please visit this article. Packages cannot be rerouted to another address. All additional shipping charges will be the responsibility of the Seller.

Shipping tips

For more tips on how to pack your item, check out our Packing Guidelines.

Choosing a box

Successful shipping starts with the right box. We recommend choosing a sturdy box with about 2 inches of extra space on each side of the item. This will allow for plenty of room for padding.

Note that Priority boxes provided by USPS aren’t compatible with USPS Ground Advantage™ (formerly First-Class), FedEx, or UPS labels and may result in an additional shipping charge.

If you're reusing a box, we recommend turning the box inside out. Make sure that any previously used/adhered stickers or labels are removed from the outside of your box. It's especially important that any hazardous materials labels are completely removed, otherwise your package may be subject to additional scrutiny or delays.

For heavy shipments using a Mercari prepaid label, make sure that your package is under 50 lbs in both actual weight and dim weight. Any shipment over 50 lbs in actual or dim weight will be charged freight rates. You may then be charged additional fees for over-weight shipment charges.

The package size must be less than 34" (longest side) x 20" (second longest side). The package weight must be less than or equal to the weight specified on the label (H x W x L / 139 shipping divisor) and must be under 50 lbs. For further details on making sure your dimensional weight is correct, click here to check out our tips for packaging up your item.

Packing your order

Make sure to line the box with some crumpled paper or bubble wrap. Wrap each item you’re shipping individually and package the items with the heaviest on bottom and the lightest on top.

Fill in any extra space around the items with packing peanuts or crumpled up paper. Make sure to add an extra layer of padding to the top in order so the package doesn’t collapse in transit.

Seal the package and tape the shipping label to the top of the package. Snap a photo of the item all packaged up before and after taping the box.

Packing your item for Media Mail

When packing an eligible item for Media Mail, envelopes and boxes up to 20 pounds and can only measure up to 108 inches in combined length and distance around the thickest part are permitted. Make sure all external markings and advertisements are removed, and that your item(s) are in supported categories.

Note: USPS is strict about what qualifies for Media Mail. Only include the item you’ve sold in the media listing and don’t include any advertising.

All Media Mail packages are subject to inspection by USPS. Postal workers may open and check your package to make sure your item qualifies for Media Mail. Make it easy to open, inspect and repack to help keep your item safe. Please see our Media Mail Guide for full shipping and category requirements.

Choosing a First-Class Envelope

When choosing an envelope, make sure it is a standard paper envelope or flat mailer that falls within the below measurements.

  • Weight: Up to 3oz

  • Length: Between 5 and 11 ½ inches

  • Width: Between 3 ½ and 6 ⅛ inches

  • Thickness: Up to ¼ inch with no lumps

Envelopes must be proportional and have an aspect ratio (length divided by height) between 1.3 and 2.5. Measure before sending and make sure to stay within the accepted limits to avoid surcharges.

All envelopes must be paper.
USPS will not accept First-Class Envelopes that have clasps, strings, buttons or similar closure devices. Bubble mailers, cardboard packages, poly mailers or any packaging made of plastic material will not be accepted. When adhering your label to the envelope, ensure that the recipient address is parallel to the longest side. Envelopes that do not have the recipient address parallel to the longest side will be returned to the sender. Please see our First-Class Envelope Guide for more information.

Confirming shipment

Once your order is packaged, it’s time to hand it off to the carrier. We have partnered with multiple shipping providers so a drop-off option is always within reach. You can find drop-off locations for your shipping carrier on your Order Status page.

We ask sellers to ship items within 3 business days of purchase so the buyer can get their order on time. Once shipped, send a shipping confirmation to your buyer by tapping “Confirm as sent” on the Order Status page. A pop-up will appear asking for you to confirm that the item was dropped off. Tap "Confirm" to finalize the confirmation.

Add a thank you note to your buyer. It will make them smile!

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