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Seller Payment Guarantee

Deliver your item as promised. Payment is guaranteed.

How it works

Ship your item as described...

When you make a sale, the buyer commits to purchase the item as described. Disclose all relevant details about the item to be sure the buyer knows exactly what they will be getting.

  • Accurately describe the item — including condition, flaws, color and size.
  • Take good photos — the more the better.
  • Package the item with care — so it arrives in the same condition as when it was shipped.

...within 3 business days...

Ship the item within 3 business days. Be sure to confirm shipment in the app.
Note: The buyer can cancel the transaction if the item is not shipped on time.

...following our terms and conditions

We do have a bunch of things that may not be sold on Mercari (Prohibited Items). This includes things you don’t own. Illegal things like drugs, weapons and counterfeit items. And things that are not safe to ship (like flammable items).

Note: Items that violate our terms and conditions are not covered by the Seller Payment Guarantee.

Getting Paid.

Once the carrier informs us that the item has been delivered:

The buyer has 3 days to confirm the item is as specified and provide a rating. If the buyer hasn’t submitted a rating after 2 days, we’ll send them a reminder. And if the buyer doesn’t rate you after 3 days, we’ll give you a rating so you can get paid.
You then rate the buyer.
Funds are added to your balance. You can use your balance to treat yourself to any of the millions of items on Mercari. Or you can cash out by going to My Page > Balance >
Something not right? We’re here for you.

Buyers and sellers on Mercari are real people. They are not retailers and most are not professionals. We appreciate that there will be cases where things do not go right. If something is not right, our support team is available to help make things right.

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