How to bundle on Mercari

Bundles are an easy time-and-money-saving option for both buyers and sellers. Read on for everything you need to know about bundling on Mercari.

What’s a bundle?

A bundle on Mercari is made up of multiple items from a single seller that ship together in a single box. Bundles on Mercari have two distinct features:

  1. A bundle = multiple items from the same seller

    • Shoppers: you might negotiate a better price for multiple items

    • Sellers: you can sell more items, faster

  2. The seller ships all items in the same package

    • Shoppers: you can save on shipping costs by combining items in one package

    • Sellers: you just have one package to pack, label, and drop off

Many different types of items can be sold together in a bundle – smaller and lighter weight items work best. Really large, bulky, and/or fragile things can be difficult to package and ship safely with other items.

Good bundle examples:

There’s multiple ways you can buy or sell a bundle on Mercari.

Buy Now Bundles

Buying a bundle of items is simple. Just add up to 10 items from a single seller to your cart, with a maximum price of $2,000, and check out. There’s no waiting involved – no need to make an offer, or request a custom listing from a seller! And you’ll save on bundled shipping since your bundle ships in a single box using a Mercari Prepaid label. Read on about bundle offers if you want to try to negotiate the price – it’s up to you!

How buy now for bundles works

Just add 2-10 items to your cart from a single seller, then go to your cart and check out. That’s it! You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you got what you wanted and scored a deal on the combined shipping price. It’s a win-win!

Note: If you buy a bundle, item discounts and/or coupons won’t apply. Check the terms and conditions for more details on what your coupons can be used for.

Bundle Offers

Making an offer on multiple items from individual sellers is a snap with this time-and-money-saving option.

How shoppers can make a bundle offer

Just add multiple items from the same seller to your cart, then in your cart, select "Bundle items and make offer," and input your offer price.

The seller has 24 hours to accept, decline, or counter your bundle offer. If one item in the bundle sells before you’ve received a response on your offer, your bundle offer will be canceled and you can send a revised offer – once an offer or counteroffer is accepted, you’ll immediately be charged that price. You can add up to 10 items in a single bundle offer with a maximum price of $2,000. There’s no need to request or wait for a custom listing from a seller!

Note: If you make an offer for a bundle and the offer is accepted, item discounts and/or coupons won’t apply. Check the terms and conditions for more details on what your coupons can be used for.

How to make a bundle offer on Mercari

Go to your cart and tap "Bundle items and make offer"

Select or input your bundle offer price, up to $2,000, and tap "Next"

Review and tap "Send offer"

The seller has 24 hours to accept, counter, or decline your offer.

How sellers can accept, counter or decline a bundle offer

Buyers save when they purchase a bundle, which helps you sell more stuff. So whether you’re listing a track zip-up, matching joggers, and coordinating sneakers, multiple spring dresses, or individual trading cards or figurines, it’s easier than ever for shoppers to create a “lot” out of your individual listings.

Shoppers add your listings (up to ten items) to their cart, and then make an offer for that group of listings – no need to create a custom bundled anymore! You can accept, counter, or decline any bundle offer. If one item in the bundle sells in the meantime, that offer will no longer be valid and the shopper will have to send you a revised offer.

When a shopper sends you a bundle offer, you'll get an email and notification to review the offer either in the Mercari app for iOS or Android, or on Once you tap the link to review the offer, here’s how to accept, counter, or decline the offer:

How shipping and returns work for buy now and offers for bundles

Shipping for bundle is always paid for by the buyer, unless all the items in the bundle are being shipped by the seller on their own. Since shoppers will be able to customize the bundle they want, buyer-paid shipping will be calculated based on the unique bundle that's created and displayed to the buyer when making the transaction. Buyer-paid shipping for bundles is calculated by combining the maximum weight of each of the items in the bundle, while using the lowest-cost shipping carrier in the expected weight class on the Mercari prepaid label.

Mercari’s standard prepaid label Shipping Protection up to $200 will still apply to bundles. Sellers: If you have a high-value bundle, you may want to purchase extra insurance. Be sure to follow the Mercari Shipping Protection guidelines closely and double-check that your package weight and size are within the allowable limits.

Partial returns aren’t accepted on bundles. If a shopper needs to return an item from a bundle, they’ll need to send back all of the items purchased in order to receive a refund. It’s always a good idea to take a picture when you send or receive a bundle to help recall the items in the package. Learn more about our Refunds and Returns Policy.

What’s the difference between offer, offer to likers, and bundle offer?

An offer is for a single item and can be sent by the buyer to the seller in the app or on the Mercari website. An offer to likers is initiated by the seller for a single item and is only made to shoppers who liked a particular item. A bundle offer is for multiple items, and can only be initiated by the buyer in the Mercari app. Otherwise, the process, including accepting, countering, or declining offers, is the same.

Make custom bundles

The easiest way to bundle is for a shopper to add the items they want from a seller to their cart, and then check out or make an offer on it. But, if preferred, a seller can still create custom bundle listings with multiple items. In some cases, the seller may just include multiple items together in one listing, clearly showing in the photos how many and what items are included. In other cases, a shopper might message a seller and request specific items for a bundle – it’s up to the seller whether they want to create a custom listing. To do that:

  1. Create a new listing with clear photos and descriptions of all items in the bundle. Be sure to select a shipping weight and dimension that accommodates all the items in a single package together.

  2. If it's a custom listing for a specific buyer, notify them that the bundled listing is posted and deactivate or delete the individual listings that were bundled to prevent others from purchasing them. To deactivate or delete a listing, visit My Listings > select the items > tap the arrow and select deactivate or delete.

  3. Package the items in one box with one tracking number. Make sure the weight and dimension don’t exceed the limits for the label. Be sure to follow the Mercari Shipping Protection guidelines closely and double check that your package weight and size are within the allowable limits.

Tips to maximize sales with bundles:

  • Update your descriptions. Got a bunch of similar items listed? Include a line in your description that lets shoppers know you’ve got related items listed and are open to bundling.

  • List bundle-friendly items (and lots of them). Heavy-up on listings with complementary sets, multiple listings in the same category, and similarly-sized items shoppers might want to buy as a set.

  • Add low cost items. Things that normally might not be worth your time to sell because of the low value, and/or high shipping fees, might make more “cents” as a bundle. Don’t be afraid to list things that you normally might donate or give away – things like charging cables, small hair accessories, and other everyday small items.

How to package a bundle of items

Bundles require packaging and shipping all items in a single box or mailer, so it’s important that you pack every item with care to prevent damage in transit. Here are some guidelines:

  • Pick the smallest box possible: Make sure you have the smallest box possible, but one that will fit all items with extra cushioning, to keep them protected in transit.

  • Individually wrap each item: Ensure there’s at least one inch of packaging between items by wrapping each with bubble wrap or packing paper. Fill in empty space so the items don’t move.

    Tip: You can test that items are secure by shaking the box and listening for movement before you tape it up.

  • Label accurately: If any item in the package is fragile or isn’t bendable, you should indicate that on the package label.

  • Document your packaging: Snap a photo of all the items packaged up before and after taping the box.

  • Seal it up: Be sure to tape over every opening on your package.

Learn more about packing.

We hope you enjoy this feature that makes shopping and selling even easier on Mercari. Happy bundling!

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